The Decorating Secrets an H&M Home Stylist Knows (That You Don't)

While we adore many interior design aesthetics from around the world (we all want to decorate like the French and master Australia's laid-back look), there's one nation we can't get enough of: Sweden. It's nailed that minimal yet lived-in vibe we all crave. The country's style is insanely chic and clutter-free, expertly layered and monochrome but never cold—have you seen how Sweden does bohemian at home?

In our quest to achieve this look in our own homes, we tracked down an IKEA stylist for decorating tips, so naturally, we had to tap our other favorite Swedish design sister: H&M Home. The vertical's head of design, Evelina Kravaev Söderberg, kindly answered all our burning questions and revealed her top three qualities every room should have, how to perfect the high-low mix, her favorite décor trends, and much more. So if you're on the hunt for cheap fall decorations and need a little advice to style them at home, read on to discover how Söderberg achieves that effortless luxe look for less—and then shop the style!