H&M Home Just Dropped a Luxe Collaboration With Model Poppy Delevingne

pink bedroom with pink headboard

H&M Home

We’re already big fans of H&M Home, thanks to the brand’s always affordable, ever-so-chic collections, but its latest line for fall 2019 is a real treat. For its very first “At Home With…” campaign, the Swedish fast-fashion-meets-home-décor retailer has partnered with actress and model Poppy Delevigne, offering a peek inside her stylish West London townhome, which has been expertly outfitted with H&M’s newest products.

 If we were to sum up the vibe of Delevigne’s home in one word, it would have to be “bold.” “Don’t be afraid of clashing colors and prints; it only brings vividness to your space,” she tells H&M. And she’s done just that to her house. You’ll find green silk wallpaper with gold accents in her bathroom, black-lacquer walls paired with a maroon velvet sofa in her living room, and a pretty-in-pink bedroom with a gold chinoiserie nightstand.

 H&M Home’s new collection mirrors Delevigne’s eclectic style, focusing on luxe materials like velvet, marble, and gold in moody earth tones across a range of items, from vases and candles to cushions and duvets.

 “A home is about surrounding yourself with things you adore, and with this collection, I’m thrilled that I found so many pieces to fall in love with,” Delevigne tells H&M. Here, we share some of Poppy’s (and our!) favorite pieces from the autumn line.

gold soap dispenser
H&M Home Glass Soap Dispenser $15

If you’re looking to elevate your bathroom with a single item, this is it. The refined painted-glass soap dispenser is a simple piece with elegant curves and a warm gold hue. Set it on your countertop, and it’ll make a just-bold-enough statement that brings the room to the next level.

Textured Glass Vase
H&M Home Textured Glass Vase $25

While this funky textured vase comes in clear glass or opaque black, we’re particularly partial to the former. Just imagine the long green stems of fresh flowers peeking through! The vase also works as a standalone sculptural piece sans a floral arrangement.

mustard yellow throw blanket
H&M Home Wool-Blend Throw $50

Does anything say fall more than a chunky wool throw in an earthen tone? We’re already picturing cozy nights by the fire wrapped up in one of these. Throws are an effortless way to refresh your décor each season, and this is the one we’ll be reaching for as the weather turns chilly.

gold candle holder
H&M Home Metal and Marble Candelabra $25

One of Poppy’s picks from the collection, this sculptural candelabra features three curvaceous gold arms anchored by a green marble sphere. Set it on your dining table as a centerpiece or keep it to the side on a console.

small wooden plant pot
H&M Home Small Wooden Plant Pot $13

As this collection is heavily weighted towards rich materials like velvet, marble, and gold, we love that H&M added some natural touches like this mango wood pot. But we also love the idea of pairing it with those luxe materials in a stylish little vignette.

round pink velvet cushion
H&M Home Round Velvet Cushion $25

Add a touch of decadence to your sofa with this plush velvet cushion that looks as if it could’ve come from Marie Antoinette’s boudoir. Choose the dusky pink if you’re feeling a bit bold or go with the light beige for a subtler look.

gold toothbrush mug
H&M Home Gold Toothbrush Mug $10

Toothbrushes might not be glamorous on their own, but house them in this mug, and it’s a totally different story. Pair it with the aforementioned soap dispenser for a unified aesthetic that feels extravagant but not gaudy.

square marble tray
H&M Home Square Marble Tray $35

While white marble has long been in the spotlight thanks to its elegant minimalist look, we’re really feeling this moody green hue. It’s sophisticated and slightly sumptuous but understated enough that anyone could pull it off on their living room coffee table.

clear carafe
H&M Home Carafe $18

Hosting a dinner party this fall? Serve your wine (or maybe an autumnal punch) from this deliciously delicate carafe. The slightly austere conical shape of the body is balanced by the elegant gold-colored rim.

glass with gold rim
H&M Home Beverage Glass $6

If you’ve bought the carafe, you’ve got to get the glasses that go with it. The gold-colored rim adds a fancy touch to your beverage, whether you’re sipping ice water or a whiskey, neat.

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