The One Unexpected Item Insiders Buy From H&M Home


Courtesy of H&M Home

It's easy to make assumptions about established home décor brands. When you frequent stores like IKEA, H&M Home, and West Elm, you quickly get a feel for the brands' signature aesthetic and learn what kind of accessories and furniture they do best. The issue? These assumptions can lead you to overlook new wares and miss out on under-the-radar finds. 

Case in point: H&M Home. We turn to the affordable home goods store for its minimalist vases and seasonal accessories, but lately we've noticed the brand is quietly excelling in an unexpected category. We're calling it: If you only shop at H&M Home for one thing, it should be storage. 

This season, the décor giant has released a number of understated, rustic, and stylish storage pieces. From woven jute hampers to textured cotton baskets, these items lend themselves to a multitude of purposes, from stashing bathroom knickknacks to concealing plastic planters.

Kick-start your spring-cleaning efforts with these stylish storage finds from H&M Home. 

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