3 Inspiring Ways to Display Holiday Cards

holiday_card_display_ideas_01 We recently stumbled upon a trio of ideas on the One King's Lane style blog for fresh takes on displaying festive cards. The season's greetings are piling up on the kitchen counter and while we all love the shot of your cousin's family on vacation, some of the the cards out there are like beautiful works of art and worthy of a crafty display. One idea suggests stringing festive lights in a prominent place and using stylish clips to attach your favorite and best-looking cards to the string. holiday_card_display_ideas_02 A second suggests using a frame to create a card-collage and layer the different textures, colors, and materials of your cards to create your own art. Every time you look at it, it will literally reflect the well-wishes of your friends and family. holiday_card_display_ideas_03 To read more about the tips and steps to create them yourself, head to One King's Lane.