The Only Store We Go to for All Our Holiday Entertaining Essentials

Whether you’re hosting family or friends, it takes the right mix of entertaining essentials to make it through the holiday season in style—and with your sanity intact. From party-planning veterans to entertaining novices, the best hosts are prepared for anything (hopefully the dramas only escalate to seating arrangements) and can put together a tablescape that’s Instagram-ready in a snap. Does it feel like the pressure’s on?

We’d be lying if we said hostess-with-the-mostest credentials could be earned overnight, so to make life easier, we’ve interviewed three top interior stylists and designers to give us the only entertaining checklist you need. From party prep to setting the table, throwing a party can feel like serious business, especially when your mom won’t stop texting about the casserole. But it should be fun! Enter everyone’s go-to essentials emporium: IKEA.

Steady your glasses—that champagne isn’t going to pour itself.