The Best Secrets for Staying Fit During the Holidays

We traded in rosé for spiked cider and watermelon sorbet for pumpkin pie (just the smell of cinnamon has us salivating) a while ago, but we're only now realizing that the holiday season's mouth-watering indulgences can come at a higher calorie count, jeopardizing our formerly healthy diets. Add culinary temptation in with travel plans that throw us off our fitness regimens and we're really in for trouble—or are we?

Fitness expert Francesca Valarezo argues that staying healthy during the holidays is not only possible but also doesn't have to entail being too restrictive. Yes, this means we can still have dessert and not throw all of our hard work out the window. Valarezo's fitness- and health-related wisdom is endless, but we asked her to narrow things down to her top five tips.

Ahead, we're sharing the details of her nonrestrictive plan (and why we're using the Tory Burch Hybrid Smartwatch to help us follow it).

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