Ask Estee: Hostess Gifts

_promo Q. What are some stylish hostess gifts to give this season? When shopping for the perfect hostess gift, you may feel overwhelmed by what to buy, where to purchase it, and what may be appropriate. I often consider the type of event I'm attending and select my gift based on that.
Formal Affair: If it's a formal holiday dinner or cocktail party, consider bringing your favorite bottle of red wine and a beautiful decanter. One of my favorites is the Cru Classic Decanter from Sur La Table. Informal or Daytime Party: If the party is a less formal, perhaps a daytime event, consider bringing an assortment of teas like the Amanzi tea set from Saks Fifth Avenue.  It's the perfect gift that'll keep your host warm on a cold winter's day. For Any Occasion:  I love the idea of compiling some of your favorite chocolates and sweet treats for the season in to a stylish gift basket.  Vosges Chocolates has some gorgeous and delicious gift boxes to include in your hostess basket that make for a fabulous present. Keep in Mind: All in all, whatever gift you choose to bring should be determined by which type of event you're attending and always try and consider what your host or hostess may enjoy.  Happy Holidays! estee-signature-layout Photograph: Courtesy of Myra Madeline