Our Favorite Lights to Brighten Up the Holidays

Updated 12/11/16
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We all know that a well-lit home is a well-decorated home. Nothing enhances the mood and style of a space more than a striking pendant lamp. And the stakes only get higher around the holidays, when the main goal is to infuse cheer into every corner of every room faster than you can say "figgy pudding." The easiest and most gorgeous way to make a home feel inviting during the festive months is to go all out with your lights.

From stringing garlands of twinkle lights along your mantle or decking your dining room table with ambient candles, the brighter the better when it comes to getting your abode ready for holiday celebrations. And where better to start than at IKEA? For holiday décor that you can use year-round, keep reading for the brightest of the bunch. See what we did there? 

(PS: Make sure to click through each of our picks to see the lights in action on IKEA.com.)

IKEA RAMSTA Light Chain 24 Diamonds $15.99

String these mini LED lights along your mantle or against a wallpapered wall for an extra dose of color. 

IKEA Decoration Light Chain $5.99

Ornaments aren't only meant for trees. Pile up these pretty red rattan light-up balls in a large glass vase or container to create a beautiful centerpiece moment. 

IKEA Pendant Lamp Shade in Mesh Black $5.99

Whether you're dressing up an existing gallery wall or starting anew, hanging up pendant stars in different shapes and sizes is pretty magical. Try hanging them above your main entertaining space be it your living room or dining room.

IKEA VINTER 2016 Tealight Holder in Frosted Glass $3.99

Candlelight really turns a room around. Grab a 100-pack of tea lights for less than $4, pair each with a chic gold candleholder, and set them up on the coffee table or in the kitchen. 

IKEA Pendant Star Lamp Shade in Brown $23.99

Instead of mistletoe, hang a couple of these above the entryway to greet guests. 

IKEA KILOMETER Light Chain with 24-bulbs $19.99

Hello, starry nights. LED is the way to go this season. Not only do they consume 85% less energy, they last 20 times longer than your standard bulbs, making these twinklers the perfect accent to line along windowsills. 

Which light is your favorite? Tell us in the comments, and find more ideas in the IKEA holiday celebrating guide here. 

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