10 Menu Planning Tips for the Holidays

For avid home cooks, December is one of the most exciting times of the year. The holiday season is the perfect excuse to show off your culinary prowess and make impressive dishes. Feel like serving a huge batch of clams casino at your cocktail party? Want to splurge on a crown roast of pork? Are you investing in a trifle dish so you can finally make that white-chocolate brandied cherry trifle you’ve been wanting to make for years? You can do all of these things because it’s the holidays!

It’s also a time where we use the kitchen to reflect and give thanks. Maybe you always make your grandmother’s gingerbread cookie recipe as a way of honoring her memory. Maybe you’re filling jars with homemade pickles so you can give them to all the people who have helped you over the past year. Whatever you’re cooking, chances are that you’re going to have to do some menu planning. To ensure that you don’t stress and actually enjoy spending time in the kitchenand that your New Year’s dinner is a spectacular successI’ve put together this helpful guide. Here are 10 menu planning tips that will make this holiday season the best ever.

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