11 Dos and Don'ts of Being an Awesome Holiday Party Guest

Food writer, personal chef, and consummate hostess Katie Sweeney (who pens the entertaining blog Six Twists) shares her expert advice on attending a holiday party.

As a huge fan of both the holidays and parties in general, you can imagine my excitement when the holiday party invitations start rolling in. Each time I receive a Paperless Post to a tree-trimming or seasonal happy hour, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" plays in my head. I just love me a good holiday party! It's only mid-December and I've already been to six holiday parties (two of which I hosted!), but I'm gearing up to be an amazing holiday party guest at plenty of events to come over the next couple of weeks. Wondering how you can do the same? Read on for the dos and dont's of being a spectacular holiday party guest.