Why You Need to Book Your Holiday Travel Now

I know that it’s completely ridiculous to start thinking about the holiday season on October 5, but if you’re planning to travel over the fall or winter holidays, you might want to make your plans now. According to Travel + Leisure, the best deals on airfare for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are available the week of October 5 through October 12. The Orbitz Holiday Insider Index shows that the best day to book Thanksgiving travel is tomorrow, October 6, with the average round-trip ticket costing $406. If you’re heading home in time for Santa Claus’s arrival, October 9 is the day to book a flight, with a ticket price around $428. Finally, for New Year’s Eve, book the flight, with an average of $362 per ticket, on October 10. Most people don’t book New Year’s Eve travel until November, so early to mid-October is when you’ll find the most affordable flights.

When traveling out of the country for the holidays, keep your documents in a chic passport holder.

Do you know where you’ll be celebrating the holidays?