This Is How a Google Flights Insider Saves Hundreds on Holiday Flights

Updated 10/11/17

Google could be considered the omniscient narrator of the internet. Collector of all our wildly embarrassing questions, comments, and musings, the search engine keeps track of everything we frivolously type into its search box, learning all it can about humankind in the process.

Unsurprisingly, the search engine knows more than any human ever could about the ins and outs of holiday travel. "Last year we saw a spike in Google Flights searches for Thanksgiving dates starting in mid-October," writes Matt Kayala, an insights engineer for Google Flights.

First and foremost, he recommends avoiding the busiest travel days in an effort to save a few hundred dollars. "Americans are pretty predictable when it comes to Thanksgiving travel plans—flight searches over the last two years indicate that Friday, November 17; Wednesday, November 22; and Sunday, November 26, will be the busiest days to fly, so pick other travel days if possible," he adds.

He also suggests booking flights before expected price increases, which typically occur 21, 14, and 7 days in advance of travel dates. "For example, if you're looking at a departure date of November 23, you can expect significant increases in flight prices on November 1, November 8, and again on November 15," he explains. "So make sure to book your Thanksgiving flights by the end of October to get a better deal."

Head over to Google for more from Kayala, and share your holiday travel plans in the comments.

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