The Best Wine Pairings to Try Over the Holidays


Miki Duisterhof

Every wine lover who finds themselves entertaining over the holidays knows it's the perfect time to finally give those wine pairings a test run. Novel wine pairings with unexpected dishes never fail to give a refreshing twist to even the most traditional dinner menu. For those less versed in the art of pairing wine with food, the task can be a daunting one, especially when you have a hefty assortment of dishes on the evening's lineup.

To make sure you're covered, we sought expert advice for the best wine option for every possible pairing you might come across. Katie Lee, the host of The Kitchen on The Food Network, shared her favorite wine pairings for everything from lamb to salmon to prime rib. From cocktail hour to your second helping, Lee proposes her top picks of pours for every step of the way.

Keep scrolling to see Katie Lee's wine pairings for everything that might be on the menu this holiday season.