13 Items That'll Purify and Prettify Your Home


Pia Winther for Yellows

There's a difference between cleaning your house and cleansing your home, and much of the latter has to do with introducing (while at the same time eliminating) certain items that can promote your health. All you need are a few simple steps, like replacing plastic with glass or paper, swapping toxic home goods (like your mattress and towels) with organic, all-natural versions, and energizing and purifying your home with salt, crystals, and essential oils. You don't have to be a health guru or a holistic specialist to indulge in detoxing your home with a few key picks. And since we're all fans of stylish interiors here, we've selected items that not only cleanse your space but are also pretty to look at. Shop a few of our favorite healthy décor enhancements below.

Which holistic décor item will you add to your home?