Rid Your Home of These 3 Things to Feel Less Lazy

Do you constantly feel drained and struggle to muster up the energy to get through tasks or take on new projects? Are you always tired and prone to inactivity? It turns out your feeling of laziness could be a byproduct of your environment and, more specifically, your home.

While it's no surprise our surroundings impact how we feel, the extent to which our environments play into our productivity might be alarming. Elle Decor rounded up a list of things in your home that make you feel lazy—every element responsible for this apparent lull in energy and subsequent laziness. What made the list are all too common in so many homes. If feelings of lethargy are standing in the way of you and the life you desire to lead, it's worth taking note of the things you should rid of today to have a more productive tomorrow.

Clutter: An untidy space can be mentally and physically draining. Visual disorganization competes with your brain's attention, according to research from Princeton University, thereby wearing down cognitive functions. If your environment is a mess, you're less apt to be able to focus or get anything done.

Junk food: What we put into our bodies greatly affects how they run, and certain foods are proven to drain our energy. Fueling up on foods loaded with excess carbohydrates and sugar creates spikes in blood sugar that are followed by severe slumps and tiredness, making us feel lazy regardless of our ambitions.

Gadgets: The objects intended to boost our productivity can actually have the opposite effect. Smartphones and tablets used too close to bedtime are responsible for disrupted sleep and a number of serious health concerns. Because of the blue light their screens emit, technological devices, including our televisions and computers, disrupt our circadian rhythms. While it's impossible to completely purge our homes of these gadgets, we can make them off-limits in the bedroom.

What changes to your environment do you find most helpful in combating laziness? Share your strategies in the comments.