3 Things People With Immaculately Clean Homes Do Everyday


In the same way that fashion insiders (or French girls) always manage to look effortlessly chic, interior design pros are adept at keeping an impeccably clean home with seemingly no effort. Of course, this is merely a façade—these masterminds are undoubtedly clocking hours upon hours of organizing, decluttering, and redecorating behind the scenes. But what sets these superhumans apart from the rest? Aside from an acute attention to detail and a carefully veiled obsession with cleaning and organizing, Apartment Therapy argues that there are three tricks of the trade.

They never let a mess get too big

In other words, they're constantly cleaning. "What sounds more overwhelming? Giving your countertops a quick swipe after just cooking a meal or trying to clean a kitchen that hasn't been cleaned for a week's worth of cooked meals?" they write. "Doing the small things throughout the day and week—putting things back up when you're done with them, cleaning up as you go—takes up less time overall and feels much more manageable." Doing this, in addition to a regular deep-cleaning schedule, will ensure that your home is always guest-ready.

They're minimalists at heart

"In the very literal sense, more stuff in your home means more things to clean," writes the publication. These people tend to do without unnecessary kitchen gadgets, countertop decorations, blankets and throw pillows, and even random pieces of furniture. "If you're having trouble keeping a specific room or a certain area clean regularly, you might want to examine what you can live without and whether there's anything you can remove to make cleaning regularly easier."

They know how to fake it

It's possible that these homeowners are no different from you and me—they're just more strategic. "[People] who have homes that always seem clean pull off the appearance of cleanliness sometimes by simply knowing the best places to give their limited time and energy to so the whole home feels cleaner (even if not every square inch has recently been scrubbed)," they conclude. Head over to Apartment Therapy for more.

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