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Now's the Perfect Time to Create Your Own Coffee Station at Home

coffee with beans, glasses and a watch on white table

Jess Bailey/Unsplash

The coffee shop has long served as an idyllic escape, fit for morning caffeine runs, productive afternoons, and evening get-togethers, alike. Though most hotspots specialize in motivation or respite, the coffee shop is almost magically versatile. Simultaneously energizing and relaxing, coffee shops strike a balance few other places can. Given this, it’s little wonder so many of us have tried to capture some of this magic by setting up a home coffee station of our own.

Whereas the coffee shop can inhabit an absolutely sprawling space, the home coffee station is decidedly succinct. Most coffee stations occupy only a table, cart, or chest of drawers—and in some cases, they live solely on one small shelf. There, you can find all your necessities: an espresso machine, your favorite brand of coffee, a few thoughtfully chosen mugs, and perhaps a little scene-setting décor. The selection is pared down, but complete. In one incredibly small area, you’ve captured all the loveliest parts of your morning coffee run—and brought them home with you.

Now, the home coffee station can't replace the ambiance of your favorite coffee shop. But the home coffee station can render your daily coffee routine easier, more efficient, and a lot budget-friendlier.

The best news of all? Setting up a home coffee station can be incredibly easy.

First things first, you need a coffee maker. Single-cup machines offer luxury and convenience in equal measure, and they're perfect for a home coffee station serving only a few people.

If you’d prefer to go all in on luxury, espresso machines make for an an excellent option. They'll help you whip up lattes, cappuccinos, and single shots of espresso—really anything you love to order at your local coffee shop.

If you’re not a fan of espresso but want to use your home coffee station as an excuse to have a little fun, bringing home a pour-over drip coffee set might add just the right amount of fancy.

Of course, if you're making coffee at home you need something to drink it out of. Adorable espresso mugs are a must if you’re going the fancy machine route.

And latte mugs are a rarity in most homes, but you own a home coffee station now, and you deserve to give yourself the gift of a latte served in a proper vessel.

Once you’ve handled your necessities, it’s time to venture into decorative territory. A wooden tray offers an excellent way to group and display your must-haves—and to make your home coffee station look a little cuter, while you’re at it.

Not sure where to put your home coffee station? No worries—kitchen carts are in high supply. A sleek black and wood cart (like this one) will look excellent in any home—and rolling wheels mean it won’t take up a ton of space, either.

Now, go forth and brew the perfect cup.