These Parts of Your Home Are Dating Deal Breakers, Study Finds

We'll admit that there's much more to a perfect partner than an ability to keep a clean and stylish home, but there's no denying that your date's home can reveal a lot about their character. From the first moment you step foot in their space, a torrent of questions arise: Does that pile of dirty laundry mean they're disorganized? What does a barely used kitchen say about their habits? If you're about to bring a new partner back to your pad, Wayfair has surveyed over 2000 men and women to find out what constitutes a red flag. Yes, this might be a sign that you need to tidy up. These are some of the leading home turnoffs—are you guilty?

When it comes to the biggest home hang-ups, both men and women share three top pet peeves: a house with bad odor, a dirty bathroom, and bad plumbing such as a clogged toilet. Interestingly, the behavior of your pets is also something guys take into account when visiting your home. These are the dating deal breakers that matter more to men than women:

  1. Poorly behaved pets
  2. Lack of privacy
  3. Chipped, stained, or dirty dishes

Like men, women in this study also listed a poorly scented home and moldy bathroom as dating no-nos but cared about comfort and hygiene more than men did. Décor style was also a big factor, with women pointing out that poorly chosen artwork is a major turnoff. Here are the unique aspects that women consider deal breakers:

  1. Dirty sheets
  2. No air conditioning or heat
  3. Ugly or inappropriate artwork

What's your number one dating deal breaker?