Photographers Reveal the Best Hacks to Make Your Home Instagram-Ready

Here at MyDomaine HQ, we love picking the brains of interior designers. After all, they have made it their careers to perfect the art of interiors—something we’d all love to master a little better. But they aren’t the only ones qualified to give well-informed decorating advice. Behind every great magazine spread is an even more talented photographer. These shutterbugs have mastered the science of what composes an amazing cover photo, from the angles to the lighting to the styling tricks none of us know about. Don’t believe us? Just look at a professionally shot interior next to its unstyled real-estate listing counterpart.

Anyone who’s ever attempted to photograph their own home knows how incredibly challenging it is. No matter how much attention you pay to make everything look perfect, it somehow turns out gloomy and messy, and there is always something left in the shot that you didn’t want there: a phone, an odd shoe, or a candid mirror selfie. On the other hand, interior photographers know exactly what to include in a shot and what to leave out. They also understand how to make natural light work in their favor. Having been in hundreds of the best interiors, they have a discerning eye like no other and see prop stylists working their magic on a daily basis. If anyone knows interiors better than the designers themselves, it’s the experts behind the lens. We decided to pick the brains of our favorite interior photographers to find out what makes or breaks a room. Here’s what they had to say.