All the Cool Little-Known Décor Shops We Didn't Know About (Until Now)


Courtesy of M.Naeve

Just like the best and most advanced technologies often depend on, whether people use them for good or evil, Instagram is a handy tool that serves a much larger purpose than trolling ex-boyfriends. Just last night, while scrolling through Instagram, I ended up in a deep spiral of discovery that ended with me following about 100 talented designers and furniture makers I wish I'd already known about—raise your hand if it's ever happened to you, too. There's no denying that if Instagram can serve as marketing for the masses, it's also a handy tool for sourcing interesting products from smaller makers, local shops, and cool little-known brands.

Since we can't single-handedly comb Instagram for the coolest décor accounts (but trust that we do try), we turned to our loyal followers to share their favorite décor stores to follow. We weren't disappointed: ahead, a handful of shops and makers from all over the U.S. left us wanting to entirely redecorate. Trust us—you'll want to know about these brands and creators before everybody else.