Home Sweet Home: The Biggest Home Décor Trends of 2019

2019 home decor trends

 Black Lacquer Design

From ombré to macramé, metallics to Moroccan rugs, the home décor trends of the 2010s ran the gamut from restrained to eccentric, yet were anchored by the idea of putting a contemporary twist on classic or bygone styles (see: midcentury modern, modern farmhouse, and industrial modern).

The year 2019, however, ushered in a new wave of trends that, instead of riffing on popular décor choices from the past decade, supplanted them with new ideas and fresh aesthetics. The effect was twofold: Home décor enthusiasts were able to find creative inspiration in a rejuvenated trendscape, and in doing so they set the tone for 2020, a year that was predicted to be defined by non-trends—that is, an emphasis on all things "uber-unique" and "highly crafted, unusual materials," per Los Angeles-based interior designer Delta Wright.

Read on for the top decorating trends of 2019, including the coffee table style responsible for ending the reign of tapered legs.

Mushroom Lamps

We witnessed the resurgence of mushroom lamps in 2018, and it was only amplified in 2019. With major retailers jumping on the bandwagon and vintage models like the Oluce Attolo lamp becoming harder to find, all signs pointed to this trend gaining traction—and we were there for it. The domed lamps made a statement in 2019 with their quirky, retro-cool vibe, whether perched atop a credenza or standing tall as a floor lamp.

CB2 Hannah Pink Table Lamp
CB2 Hanna Pink Table Lamp $199


While the world of interiors had been dominated by minimalist designs during the 2010s, we experienced a return to more maximalist tendencies in 2019. The minimalism synonymous with Scandinavian style and midcentury modern design was side-stepped in favor of loud colors, in-your-face patterns, and sumptuous fabrics. Layering was key to nailing the maximalist look, proving that sometimes more is, well, more.

Arteriors Waldorf 23" Chandelier
Arteriors Waldorf 23" Chandelier $777

Memphis Design

Founded in 1980 and spearheaded by Italian designer and architect Ettore Sottsass, the Memphis Group was a design collective that thumbed its nose at the rigidity of modernism through zany patterns, bold colors, and geometric shapes. Interestingly enough, in 2019 Memphis design once again served as the successor to the modernist aesthetic—a welcome departure from muted color palettes and streamlined silhouettes that dominated the better part of the 2010s.

Black Bacterio Art Print Memphis Group
Society6 Black Bacterio Art Print by empi morin $24

Primary Colors

Home Décor Trends 2019 — Primary Hues Living Room
Studio Ashby

In 2017, there were dusty pastel tones (hello, Millennial Pink), and in 2018, there were deep jewel hues. But in 2019, it was all about saturated primary colors. Bold rusty reds, deep indigo blues, and bright mustard yellows were at the forefront of décor collections, signaling the end of ho-hum color (bye-bye, all-white kitchens and greige walls).

You can experiment with color sans commitment through punchy-hued accessories—think throw pillows, footstools, and wall art.

CB2 Bia Tassel Mustard Velvet Pillow
CB2 Bia Tassel Mustard Velvet Pillow $30

Plinth Tables

Home Décor Trends 2019 — Plinth Tables Living Room
Tali Roth

Since minimal Scandinavian furniture with ultra-skinny legs had dominated interiors in recent years, it's only natural that the pendulum would swing back toward weighty, low-slung pieces. Enter: plinth tables. Typically crafted from marble or concrete, these squat and sturdy tables are modeled after stone bases historically used to support statues or vases. Naturally, they're more than up to the task of shouldering books, catch-all trays, and other tabletop décor. In short, plinth tables were a sleek and sculptural addition to living rooms in 2019—and today.

Menu Plinth Coffee Table
Menu Plinth Coffee Table $2300

Rice Paper Lanterns

Home Décor Trends 2019 — Rice Paper Lanterns in Living Room
Space Exploration

Since the mid-1905s, Japanese artist-slash-architect Isamu Noguchi has been heralded for his contributions to home décor, from his iconic coffee table for Hermann Miller to his series of Akari lanterns and lamps. In 2019, we saw Noguchi's paper lanterns have a serious moment in interior design. IKEA, which popularized paper lanterns in the '90s, was quick to release a few new models.

Isamu Noguchi Akari 55D Pendant Lamp
Isamu Noguchi Akari 55D Pendant Lamp $5353

Bouclé Accents

Home Décor Trends 2019 — Bouclé Accents Living Room

Led in part by Goop's collection for CB2 and higher-end retailers like HomeNature, the return of bouclé fabric brought nubby, touchable texture to 2019 . And while higher-pile upholstery may be off-putting to some, bouclé proved itself as a middle-of-the-road texture that's both approachable and low-maintenance (think of it as the Labradoodle of décor). We loved to see bouclé-upholstered chairs and sofas in rounded shapes—curved furniture was yet another 2019 decorating trend.

Skyline Furniture Deco Chair
Target Skyline Furniture Deco Chair $480

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