Interior Designers Have Spoken—These Trends Are Officially "Out" for Spring

Breaking news: Spring is almost here. Major home décor retailers from Anthropologie to Target have been stocking their shelves with the season's latest trends for months now, which begs the question: Which trends are the pros (aka interior designers) buying into? To find out, we consulted the pros at Decorist, a leading online interior design platform that connects users with sought-after designers.

Just in time for spring, we asked Decorist elite designers Briana Nix, Elena Calabrese, and Baylee Deyon to weigh in on the tired décor trends they're retiring this season and share the fresh fads that should be on our radar instead. Great ready to say goodbye to uninspired all-neutral interiors and far-from-original floral arrangements, and prepare to welcome mossy green hues and airy pampas grass in their place.

Here, three Decorist interior designers reveal the decorating trends that are "out" this spring—and which are "in."