This Wildly Popular Design Trend Is Cooling Off—Here's What's in for Spring

Spring trend that are "in" and "out"

Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Kerry Vasquez

Spring is here—but it doesn't feel like spring quite yet. Although the sun is shining with increasing regularity and the tight grip seasonal affective disorder is finally loosening, winter is still lingering. Blame it on the low 60-degree temps, but now that late-April is upon us, we've officially entered the dreaded transitional period—and the following few weeks are arguably the hardest when it comes to making a seasonal décor shift.

To ease the transition, we asked leading interior designers to weigh in on the décor trends that are "out" this spring—and reveal the ones they're endorsing instead. Get ready to bid farewell to macrame and rose gold light fixtures, and say hello to textured wallpaper and matte black floor lamps instead. Ahead, Kerry Vasquez of Kerry Vasquez Design, Shea McGee of Studio McGee, Becky Shea of Becky Shea Design, Jess Blumberg of Dale Blumberg Interiors, and Ana Claudia Schultz of Ana Claudia Design reveal the expert-approved spring trends to try.

Trend to Ditch: Macrame

Spring trends to try
Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Kerry Vasquez

"Real talk, I was never really on the macrame train," confesses Kerry Vasquez of Kerry Vasquez Design. "Unless you're getting a very special art piece or have a particularly 70s inspired design project it's really hard to do macrame right. It also has become very popular again so I'm tired of seeing bad macrame everywhere."

Trend to try instead: Colorful art

"Seriously, there are so many incredible artists out there at very accessible pricing," observes the designer. "Art is the most personal aspect of design, so why not get something you absolutely love and will have forever? Spark some joy and support some artists. Win-win. I really love the 'Summer Stones' series by Rob Delamater from Serena & Lily."

"Summer Stones" by Rob Delamater
Serena & Lily "Summer Stones" by Rob Delamater $395

Trend to Ditch: Rose gold

Top spring 2019 trends
Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Kerry Vasquez

"It had a moment in 2018, and I am more than ready to let this finish go," says Vasquez. "Rose gold reminds me of my Clueless obsessed tweens—and not in a good way."

Trend to Try Instead: Matte black light fixtures

"I'm honestly not much of a trend follower—I prefer to recommend elements that a client can potentially keep forever," explains the designer. "One such element is matte black lighting, it's elegant and classic, which never goes out of style. Currently, I'm obsessed with the Charlton Floor Lamp from Circa Lighting. It reminds me of the lighting of famous French industrial designer Serge Mouille without feeling dated in any way."

Circa Lighting Charlton Floor Lamp $669

Trend to Ditch: Gallery walls

Spring décor trends interior designers love
Lucy Call; DESIGN: Studio McGee

"Just as everyone is finally mastering 'how to design a gallery wall' we are looking at more simplicity with large scale artwork and stacked pieces," says Shea McGee of Studio McGee. "We’re even into a more layered look with leaned artwork."

Trend to Try Instead: Tonal artwork

"Tone-on-tone artwork can create a really beautiful, understated moment in your space," offers the designer. "I love placing a big textured piece over a console or paired over a sofa. It brings just enough interest to the room without being overwhelming."

McGee & Co Smoke $923

Trend to Ditch: Pastels

Spring 2019 interior design inspiration
Lucy Call; DESIGN: Studio McGee

"Spring is always about pastels, and while the color palette is definitely having a moment with millennials, I do love using pastels in fresher ways like creating a tonal look with neutrals or adding depth with inkier tones," divulges the designer.

Trend to Try Instead: Stone accents

"Stone has been done so cheesy for so long, but lately we’ve been seeing it reemerge in its classic glory and used in fresh new ways," explains McGee. "I especially love to add in the texture through some décor."

McGee & Co Stone Door Stopper $118

Trend to Ditch: Overly merchandised spaces

How to decorate for spring
Claire Esparros; DESIGN: Becky Shea

"My biggest pet peeve is when I walk into a space and there are accessories everywhere, on everything and nothing can tell a story because there's simply too much going on," says Becky Shea of Becky Shea Design. "So many folks feel that a home isn't a home without all their prized possessions on display. It's time to find a nook in your home where you can store these objects and rotate them throughout the year. And the best part about this type of refresher? You can re-experience your memories. A home and mind refresher, that's a double win."

Trend to Try Instead: Less will always be more

"Invest in new objects that are practical and beautiful," says the designer. "It's nice to give your space a little refresher that jives with a season. Seasonal changes/additions you'll see in my house are vases, coffee table books, picture frames and objects (from an 18th-century paintbrush to a brand new scented candle)."

Currant Matte Glass Candle
Jenni Kayne Currant Matte Glass Candle $55

Trend to Ditch: Printed wallpaper

2019 wallpaper trends
Sean Litchfield; DESIGN: Becky Shea

"In theory, it's cool but it's too similar to fast fashion for our studio," explains Shea. "Print overpowers a room and doesn't allow it to breathe. You want to enter a space and feel calm and collected, not chaotic. It's similar to that funky printed top that you have stashed in the back of your closet, for that event you may or may not ever be invited to. Save the print for a special element (say a pillow) but not for what you're going to see at a large scale every day."

Trend to Try Instead: Textured wallpaper in a muted palette

"Using textured wallpapers that are more muted but that adds a subtle layer of coziness to a room are a home run," recommends the designer. "We love to layer texture which helps stimulate all the senses. So giving your eyes and fingertips a little something extra to graze as you enter a room is that special, subtle detail that will pull an entire room together."

Aesthetics Wallcoverings Stockholm Mild Mocha Wool Wallpaper $Upon Request

Trend to Ditch: Color-themed rooms

All-white interior trend
Phillip Ennis Productions; DESIGN: Dale Blumberg Interiors

"Instead of using various tones of a particular color in your space, and run the risk of getting sick of it six months later, stick with a neutral and add pops of color," cautions Jess Blumberg of Dale Blumberg Interiors. "You can always switch out a throw pillow or piece of art to satisfy your ever-changing color preferences."

Trend to Try Instead: Mostly white with a pop of color

"White is the neutral gift that keeps on giving," notes the designer. "It will always keep your space looking clean, light, and bright—and allows for you to add any and all pops of color and texture, as your tastes and preferences evolve."

Circa Lighting Olsen Table Lamp $1109

Trend to Ditch: Collage walls

Art trends spring 2019
Phillip Ennis Productions; DESIGN: Dale Blumberg Interiors 

"It’s time to go the less is more route with wall art this spring," says Blumberg. "Ditch the cluttered collage wall and pick one or two larger pieces with some quirky interest that will be more impactful."

Trend to Try Instead: Statement (or large-scale) art

"One large statement piece in a space adds interest without being too busy or cluttered," offers the designer. "And, art is an investment so, purchasing your first statement piece is exciting and you’ll have it for the rest of your life."

John Grande Look Out to See Within $150

Trend to Ditch: The idea of trends.

Spring art trends 2019
Sarah Elliott; DESIGN: Ana Claudia Design

"We should focus on purchasing items and getting finishes that we love, that will be timeless in the end—and without regrets," says Ana Claudia Schultz of Ana Claudia Design. "No one wants to redesign their home every five years just due to expired trends."

Trend to Try: Art

Art is "trendless," notes the designer. "Go to galleries this spring, purchase from local artists to get the value and who knows they may be famous one day."

Christina Watka Let Yourself Go $4450

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