Out With the Old: Here Are 11 Hot Home Décor Trends to Try in 2019


Courtesy of Handelsmann & Khaw

It's easy to resist change. We saw it in the early days of Facebook when everyone was up in arms after each interface update. We experience it whenever we have to change jobs, move to a new city, or buy a first home. But change is specifically what makes us evolve and what makes us better. And while this could be a greater conversation about the state of humanity, in this case, we're talking décor trends

You may have spent the last five years declaring that your preferred décor style is midcentury modern. Maybe you're into modern farmhouse or Scandinavian. Try to step away from your preferred interiors style for a few minutes and keep an open mind when looking at these hot new décor trends coming your way in 2019. Just like you never thought you would wear "ugly" sneakers or vinyl boots, we guarantee that you'll warm up to these cool new trends, even if it takes a few months. We're already very much on board. 

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