If You Have These Apps, You Don't Need an Interior Designer

We manage our schedules on our phones, plan international trips on our phones, and order groceries on our phones. Let's be real: If iPhones were to disappear tomorrow, we'd be pretty lost. So when it comes to decorating our homes, it's only natural we'd turn to our phones first. So while an interior designer might not be within our current budgets, we have the next best thing: a veritable tool belt of apps that will manage every task a decorator would, so you can transform your home stress-free and effortlessly.

At MyDomaine, we give you all the tools and inspiration to create and execute your dream home so you can decorate with confidence. But sometimes a little help from an app is the extra push you need to pull the trigger on that dream sofa you've been eyeing. From mood-boarding and drawing floor plans, all the way to choosing a paint color or installing your brand new light fixtures, there's a handy app to guide you through each step of the decorating process. Ready to transform your home into an Insta-worthy space? Download these trusted apps and bring your vision to life.