8 Designers Walk Into Home Depot With $100—This Is What They Bought

We wax lyrical about our favorite affordable décor sites such as CB2, West Elm, IKEA, H&M Home, and Urban Outfitters but there's one store we often forget about and it's seriously underrated: Home Depot. We typically associate paint, hardware, tools, and plants with Home Depot but it's also an incredible untapped resource for cheap and stylish décor and furniture that looks more expensive than it is. You can really find some gems in the mix and who doesn't love a good old treasure hunt. Nothing beats that feeling when you discover a unique piece for next to nothing. 

Besides, the cost is secondary because it's really all about how you style it at home and mix it in with your other vintage and high-end pieces. We're here to prove that quality can come in affordable packages. So we asked eight of our top designer friends to share what they would buy at Home Depot with just $100. You'll be amazed to learn how they'd spend it. First up, Emily Henderson creates an entire vanity for $100.