These 14 Home Gym Ideas Will Have You Working Up a Sweat (Without the Membership Fees)

home gym ideas

Design: Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault

If your goal is to spend more time working out this year, we're with you. And while we're big fans of all the tried-and-true motivational tricks—make it second-nature, do it before you think about it, keep your gym bag packed and ready—there's one tip that's often overlooked: make your home gym a spot you actually *want* to spend time in.

If you're lucky enough to have space for a home gym, whether it's in a basement, a renovated garage, a guest room, or just a spare corner of your apartment, it's important to ensure that the space itself isn't a barrier to your routine. Finding organizational systems for your workout equipment and props is a big step in the right direction, but even smaller adjustments—like incorporating colors that get your blood pumping, or adding an encouraging message to the walls—can make a huge difference in your demeanor...and that means more reps, and more success.

Take a scroll through some of our favorite home gym designs for inspo, then get your own space in gear to transform it into the stuff of champions—you'll be hearing the Rocky theme in your head in no time.

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Warm It Up

Just because your home gym is built for utility, doesn't mean it needs to feel cold and impersonal. Industrial-inspired brackets with warm wood shelving strike just the right balance between hardworking (and strong enough to hold all those weights—even if you aren't yet) and chic, while reclaimed wood on the ceiling lightens the mood and adds a modern farmhouse appeal to the space. (Adorable dog not included.)

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Add Some Encouragement

Maybe "no pain, no gain" isn't your style—and that's fine. But adding a few words of encouragement that *do* resonate with you is a good way to make sure you actually, y'know, use the home gym you spent so much time investing in design-wise. This cheery rainbow-hued sign drops the "tough guy" gym facade and speaks to a message we all can get behind—that fitness is for everybody (and every body).

neon sign
Yellowpop "Come As You Are" Neon Sign by Caren Kreger $1,290.00
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Go Back To Basics

Sleek black and white is never a bad look for a home gym (and you can rest easy knowing all your equipment will coordinate, stress-free). But a limited color palette doesn't mean your workout space needs to be devoid of personality. A coat of glossy black paint on the barn-style door lends a luxe feel, while mounted wall mirrors help you keep perfect form and bring in an upscale boutique gym vibe.

black sputnik chandelier
MELUCEE Sputnik Chandelier $119.00
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Workout On The Wild Side

If you've been eyeing an over-the-top wallpaper pattern, now's the time to get your "add to cart" finger ready. A home gym is a perfect place to push the envelope design-wise and try out bolder looks that wouldn't fit elsewhere in your design scheme. This geometric wallpaper is fresh and eye-catching, and the glam black sputnik chandeliers add an unexpected touch that make this gym feel effortlessly cool.

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Step Up Your Storage

If you've ever had an exercise ball at home, you know how much they love to wander. Avoid re-enacting that classic Indiana Jones scene by keeping it in place with a stylish storage system like this one—it's so sleek and sophisticated, it almost doubles as art.

super yoga grid
Higashi Fushimi Super Yoga Grid price on request
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Raise The Bar(re)

Short on space? A ballet barre isn't just for stretching—it can also double as unobtrusive storage for medicine balls, straps and other small props as seen here. (But also—don't forget to stretch! It's the most important part of your workout!)

Ballet barre
The Beam Store 10 Foot Wall Mounted Ballet Barre $200.00 $170.00
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Rack 'Em Up

Organization is key when it comes to home workouts—if we had a dollar for every time we tripped over an ill-placed freeweight, we'd be able to open our own boutique gym chain. Whether you're able to splurge on a custom storage solution or not, be sure there's plenty of space for storing all your equipment so you can work out safely (and keep the aesthetic clean and serene, too).

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Tag In Some Texture

The secret to an all-neutral space that's not snooze-inducing? Texture. This gorgeous space by designer Dara Huang meets our gym goals in every way, combining a low-pile floor covering underfoot with sleek subway tiled walls and light wood accents. The effect is minimalism at its finest—making for a workout experience that's downright zen.

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Embrace Your Personal Style

The best way to design a home gym that appeals to you—and even motivates your workouts—is to have it be a reflection of your personal style. If you're drawn to midcentury lines or boho tanned leathers in the rest of your house, there's no rule saying you can't carry those over—as this unbelievably chic gym by Studio Ashby shows.

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Draft Some Drapes

The unexpected team player of this home gym? Drapes. Designer Suzanne Kasler fit this glass wall with long, luxurious drapes to add a little softness to the space. It's a play we wouldn't have thought of, but the results speak for themselves—paired with shiplap laid in both vertical and horizontal directions, it achieves a cozy feel.

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Fake It 'Til You Make It

If your home gym zone doesn't already come pre-stocked with architectural details (we're not all so lucky), go ahead and fake it with wall treatments that add texture and visual interest. (It'll give you something pretty to look at while you're pretending not to count the seconds holding that plank.)

white brick wall mural
Rebel Walls Soft Bricks Mural $6.00
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Sweat In Style

There's no rule that says your garage gym can't have a chandelier—so go for it. If it makes working out a little more special and less of a chore, we're all in favor.

If your home gym is located in an unfinished basement or garage—or anywhere with less-than-perfect walls and ceilings—don't despair! A few coats of bright white or dark colored paint can help blur imperfections and create a clean, cohesive base that will blend into the background as you begin to decorate and layer in equipment.

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Make It Modular

We love modular systems for so many reasons—they're small-space friendly; they're easy to adapt and change; and they have a sleek, Scandi-esque look we adore. So it's no surprise that we love them in a home gym even more. This setup by Scavolini combines a workout area with a clean-up area for afterwards—because we all like to primp a little post-sesh.

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Show Your Colors

If you need a little wakeup call (or evening energy burst) when it's time to workout, this space is for you. A cool geometric mural in bright blues lends a jolt to this space, making it that much easier to get going with your early-morning rep routine. We love how the color carries over to the cabinets as well, spicing up a prep space for protein shakes.