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10 Home Influencers to Follow for Expensive-Looking Design Ideas

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Thanks to social media, there is truly no shortage of home décor and interior design inspiration. You can turn to the personal profiles of interior designers, the pages of your favorite brands, and to the accounts of home décor magazines to allow beautiful images of interiors to pop up in your feed, just like that.

It's no secret that we often turn to the Instagram profiles of interior designers for tips, ideas, and simply aesthetically pleasing content here at MyDomaine headquarters (if you don't already, you'll want to follow a few of our favorites). However, it's not just the high-profile designers and brands that have stunning interiors and chic ideas to share. 

While you're likely no stranger to the lifestyle and fashion influencers of Instagram, you may not be so familiar with the interior design-focused Instagrammers and bloggers that are known as home influencers. Like all great influencers, these social-media-savvy design lovers offer their followers a peek into their lives and, most importantly their homes. They provide plenty of hot tips and ideas for making affordable décor look far more expensive (one of the many reasons I welcome these Instagram profiles into my own feed).

If you're not sure where to start, take a look at a few up-and-coming home influencers who are making a name for themselves in the design world, according to LIKEtoKNOWit, the mobile app created to provide shoppable inspiration to lifestyle fanatics.

Ahead, we're sharing 10 home influencers to follow to give your Instagram feed a design-friendly refresh.

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A visit to Jess Kirby's blog will greet you with everything from home décor ideas to travel inspiration and pretty much anything in between. Kirby's interior design style is bright and lively with a contemporary feel. Kirby isn't afraid to use color but knows how to do so with a purpose.

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With a name like My Texas House, you'd expect Erin Vogelpohl's blog to be bursting with luxe Southern décor, and you'd be right. The home influencer's Instagram account showcases Vogelpohl's traditional, yet glamorous home located in the Lone Star state. Follow Vogelpohl for a daily dose of farmhouse chic.

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Dear Lillie Studio's Instagram account is a wealth of classic décor inspiration and product finds. It combines rustic pieces with contemporary spaces for a look that's utterly timeless. You'll find ideas in each and every post.

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Randi Garrett Design features bright, fresh interiors that are brimming with sweet details, from blooming florals to slick marble countertops. The style is decidedly glam thanks to a myriad of brass details and a crisp white color palette. Follow this home influencer to learn how to get the look in your own space.

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If you're looking for modern interiors with just a touch of bohemian influence, add The.BeautyRevival to your must-follow list. It's curated by Brittany Robertson, a design-lover from Alberta, Canada with a seriously adorable pup featured in many of Robertson's shots. The rooms Robertson displays feel comfortable and lived in with unique design elements you'll want to steal.

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The interior design blog and Instagram Easy Interieur combines chic décor and glamorous materials. With soft blush tones and plush textures, the spaces feel cozy and full of personality. Give the page a follow if you can't get enough of gray, white, gold, and pink colors.

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For a variety of home décor inspiration, give interior designer Becki Owens a follow. From stunning exteriors to stylish interior spaces, Owens features the work of many different photographers and designers (think designs from Amber Interiors alongside photos from Architectural Digest features). If you're looking for a little bit of everything, this is the home influencer to follow.

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Seattle based blogger Sabrina Tan is the creative mind behind the bright and colorful Instagram account, Gypsy Tan. Tan's posts cover everything from beauty and wellness to style and décor, but it's Tan's fun and saturated interior shots that caught our attention. They're bursting with fresh botanicals, bold patterns, and clean designs.

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Home blogger Nina Williams shares both their design sensibilities and family life through Instagram. Williams often posts about their own home, which is essentially the definition of farmhouse chic. It features plenty of exposed brick walls, natural wooden elements, and a bright, white color palette. One look at the two-story-tall windows that scale Williams' living room and feature an unobstructed view of the Iowa landscape and you'll be dying to visit.

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Home décor and lifestyle blogger Jennifer Prock shows off their lovely interiors from Decor Gold Designs. As the name suggests, gold is often a prominent feature in the images Prock posts. This home influencer's look is elegant and sophisticated with, at times, seriously luxe details.