Experts Agree: Lighting Will Completely Change Your Home

Chandeliers, sconces, dimmers, bulbs—there's a lot to consider when it comes to artfully lighting your space. It may all feel a bit overwhelming when starting from scratch, but experts agree that lighting is one of the most important décor elements in our homes. What else has the unique ability to transform the vibrancy of a room and set the mood in a quick flip of a switch?

To get a little more insight into the role lighting plays in our homes and how to best utilize it, we hosted a panel during High Point Market Week with our friends at Soraa. Our editorial director, Sacha Strebe, quizzed the four insanely talented interior designers—all of whom boast years of experience and high-profile clients to boot—on lighting trends, simple updates, and the most common (but completely avoidable) mistakes they see. Prepare to be enlightened.