This Scent Will Boost Your Productivity, According to Experts

Scents can evoke visceral emotions and reactions—any New Yorker who has walked the steaming sidewalks of Manhattan in summer can attest to this fact. Since some smells can have such a negative impact on our well-being, it’s only natural to want to fill our homes with strictly the most pleasant ones. After all, nothing denotes an inviting and comfortable home quite like a waft of baking cookies or a burning candle at night. In the same way, a clean-smelling home can give you an accomplished feeling. Home fragrances have a way of elevating the everyday and triggering memories and emotions that can subconsciously affect our well-being. But what if they can also help us set the mood for any activity or time of day?

To learn the science behind how different smells can impact our mood, we called on the expertise of Scent founder Kirsty Dare and French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Want to know which odors can help your productivity, which will help you wind down at night, and which can make you happier? Don’t just burn any candle. Get ready to smell your way to a happier home.