9 Things All Insanely Stylish People Have in Their Homes

People with style seem to naturally ooze the It factor. It's the same innate flair that makes their lives look like the stuff of Instagram dreams—no mistakes to be seen (or so it seems). You know the type: They’re always impeccably dressed, they know all the best restaurant and travel spots, they're the best hosts and hostesses, and they're masters at creating chic yet effortless homes.

But we believe that style can be learned, not just earned. All it takes is a few décor tricks inspired by ultra-stylish people to take your own home from good to really great. To start, curate a naturally sophisticated, style-centric space calls for a few must-haves. From cactus cameos to vibrant art, check out the usual suspects favorited by the chic-to-death crowd. We bet you'll adopt these home style ideas in no time.