9 Things All Insanely Stylish People Have in Their Homes

People with style seem to naturally ooze the "It Factor." It's the same innate flair that makes their lives look like the stuff of interior design Instagram dreams. It's like no mistakes to be seen (or so it seems). You know the type: They’re always impeccably dressed, they know all the best restaurants and travel spots, they're the best hosts and hostesses, and they're masters at creating chic yet effortless homes.

But we believe that style can be learned, not just earned. All it takes is a few décor tricks inspired by ultra-stylish people to take your own home from good to really great. To start, curate a naturally sophisticated, style-centric space calls for a few must-haves. From cactus cameos to vibrant art, check out the usual suspects favorited by the chic-to-death crowd. We bet you'll adopt these home style ideas in no time. 

Unexpected Details

living room design
Fantastic Frank

People with personal style know that thoughtful, unexpected details are what make an outfit, an event, or a home. Common items that you may overlook—cabinet hardware, distressed vintage leather, a high-gloss paint finish, or distinctive collectibles on display—are all small details that really set your design apart from the mainstream. A clever mix of materials adds soul.

Arne Norell Sirocco Safari Sling Chair, Circa 1960 $2,852 $2,281

A Bold Choice

dining room design
Fantastic Frank

Stylish individuals are confident in their tastes and unafraid to take some risks. Translate that same mindset into your home by making a statement with your interior. Whether it’s a saturated paint color, an oversize chandelier, or an unusual lounge chair, tossing in an unexpected piece will assert your personal taste and become an intriguing focal point.

Santa Barbara Pendant
Serena & Lily Santa Barbara Pendant $398

A Styled Vignette

modern living room ideas
Courtesy of BHDM

To showcase their broad collections of books and accessories, stylish people always have a console or table piled high with intriguing items and conversation pieces. Create a focal point in your living room by styling your coffee table with your favorite pieces, or create a welcoming vibe in your entry by showcasing your favorite pieces for guests as soon as they arrive.

Louise Brass Tray - Small
Hawkins New York Brass Louise Tray, Medium $80


kitchen design
Courtesy of BHDM

Perfect for introducing life and color into a sleek space, plants and indoor trees are wonderfully sophisticated. Infusing an organic element into your room helps create contrast with streamlined furnishings while simultaneously adding a warm, comforting component.

phoenix faux palm leaf
CB2 Faux Phoenix Palm Leaf $15

A Luxurious Throw

coffee table ideas
Chris Patey

Just as beautiful as it is comfortable, a stylish throw adds texture and luxury to any home. Like a chic fall coat is the perfect complement to any outfit, a gorgeous throw can pull a room together, and when effortlessly draped over your bed or sofa, it can be the perfect finishing touch.

Missoni Home Sigmund Throw Wool Blanket $755

An Antique Piece

dining room ideas
A+B Kasha

A vintage handbag or watch is a coveted component of any outfit, just as a table or chair with some history can make the design of a room. Incorporate a piece with a story into your décor to lend a well-traveled element to your home.

Vintage Ilana Goor Brutalist Leather and Wrought Iron Side Chair
Ilana Goor Vintage Brutalist Leather and Wrought Iron Side Chair $1,700

Statement Art

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Monica Wang Photography

Art is a powerful and evocative tool for infusing personality and emotion into a space. Whether it’s an iconic black-and-white print or a vibrantly hued original work, collecting spirited editions that channel just the right mood is an investment you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Ali Beletic No Party Undone $1,400

A Reinvented Classic

bathroom design
Sarah Sherman Samuel

Some things will never go out of style, but there is room to tweak an old favorite to make it feel fresh. Whether it’s a classic rug pattern or motif in an unusual color or a simple subway tile hung in a new arrangement, taking an old favorite and adding a twist is a great way to craft a timeless but unexpected interior.

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