Is This the House of the Future?

When Back to the Future hit the big screen in 1985, we were convinced the future would be a wondrous place where hover boards dominated the sidewalk and shoelaces would tie themselves. Fast-forward to 2016 and, on face value, you might be a little let down. Even though there are no flying cars or holographic posters, don't be fooled—the latest smart technology might be subtle, but it's also surprisingly powerful and intuitive, and it's only getting better. 

To find out what the house of the future might look like, we spoke to the experts who are intent on shaping the next generation of home goods. Oh, and if you can't wait until the latest Wi-Fi–enabled cooking tools are released (they're poised to launch soon!), we've also found the best smart appliances you can buy now to upgrade each room of your house. Ready for a tour? This is what your home will be like in the future.