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Updated 05/15/18
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tribal family room

It's true that we lust after luxe décor just as much as the next girl, but we also fancy ourselves incredibly savvy shoppers. And our quest to perfect the ideal high/low mix often leads us to one place: Contrary to what the brand's name may seem to imply, Overstock doesn't sell overstocked goods—instead, it offers the latest and greatest home products at fair prices, making it our go-to for classic staples and of-the-moment pieces alike. Whether you're looking to decorate an apartment from the ground up or simply want to swap out a few key accessories, get started by shopping our three favorite home trends of 2018.

Trend 1: Resort-Influenced

resort decor

What if we told you that you could relive your favorite tropical vacation every single day? Okay, so there may not be a cabana boy offering up strawberry daiquiris every hour, but you can easily recreate the same relaxing environment in your own home. Incorporate bright ocean hues, palm prints, and rattan textures to create an oasis reminiscent of your last trip to Tulum. Woven Lounge Chair Small Lacey Vase Ikat Down Pillow

Trend 2: Elevated Organics

living room furniture

Rustic décor just got a seriously chic and modern upgrade. The new way to achieve this classic style is by incorporating subtle hints of wood in various textures throughout a room. We're partial to making a statement with a reclaimed wood coffee table, but a few small light fixtures will do the trick too. Kelly Table Lamp Rustic Wood Plank Mirror Island Ceiling Chandelier Paolo End Table Easton Taupe Lounge

Trend 3: Around-the-World

moroccan home decor

We've always been in awe of the textiles created in places like Morocco and India, but now globally inspired pieces are making their way into mainstream home décor. Think patterned rugs, leather poufs, and earth-tone baskets—we're stocking up. Moroccan Leather Pouf Lizzie Bone Boxes Tribal Pattern Pillow Dorran Woven Basket Pink Boho Wooden Stool Painted Glass Mirror

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