Move Aside, White Kitchens—These Colorful Trends Are Making a Comeback in 2018

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Updated 11/17/17
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Most interior designers will tell you that the best homes are decorated over time. This notion that design is never done lays down the path to spaces that feel more curated, personalized, and evolved than a room that was put together in a week. So while we can't redecorate from top to bottom every year, that doesn't mean we don't like to stay ahead of coming trends to infuse into our space. After all, what's a better way to keep our homes looking fresh and new than by adding just a touch of trendy accents?

That said, just like you shouldn't mix every fashion trend—from puffer jackets to fringe skirts, and berets—into one outfit, you also shouldn't throw every home décor trend into one room. Because trends come and go, it's important to identify the ones you love each season and carefully select which ones will become part of your ever-evolving décor and personal style. Ready to choose which next big décor trends you'll adopt in 2018 and which ones you'll pass on? Houzz's editor Mitchell Parker shares the platform's predictions for the next big trends to take over next year, based on what they are seeing from their community of homeowners and professionals. Let's play love it or leave it—which home décor trends will make your cut in 2018?

Colorful Kitchens

Home Trends 2018 — Colorful Kitchens
Courtesy of Robson Rak

"White will always be a classic palette for kitchens," says Parker. "But its increased popularity means there’s going to be interest fatigue, as homeowners look for ways to make their space personalized and unique. So while white kitchens aren't going anywhere, expect to see a rise in color, especially other neutrals like blue and gray. Plus, warm wood tones are becoming a popular replacement for painted cabinets, leading to sophisticated palettes."

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Novelty Sinks

Home Trends 2018 — Novelty Sinks
Courtesy of Kip & Co

Stainless-steel and white sinks are out, according to the Houzz editor. "Expect more concrete, stone, copper, and granite composite sinks in darker hues of gray, bronze, or black," shares Parker. In other words, our sinks should get the same attention as the beloved brass or black hardware that accompanies it.

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Ornate Millwork

Home Trends 2018 — Ornate Millwork
Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

Millwork feature walls and detailing are also growing in popularity, countering the effects of blank box syndrome one crown molding at a time. "Shiplap, millwork panels, and reclaimed wood boards have been around for a while now, showing up frequently in bathrooms and on kitchen islands and fireplaces, but we now expect to see the materials as feature walls in bedrooms too," states Parker.

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Warm Neutrals

Home Trends 2018 — Warm Neutrals
Courtesy of BHDM

Our love for stark neutrals like charcoal gray and crisp white isn't going anywhere, but in 2018, it's getting mixed in with warmer tones. "Warm grays with rich, earthy shades of camel, rust, tobacco, brown-blacks, delicious red, and burnt yellow will edge out cooler neutrals for a more decadent look," says the Houzz editor. In the age of minimalism, the introduction of these rich tones in our homes makes our space feel more welcoming and less stark.

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Oversize Florals

Home Trends 2018 — Oversized Florals
Courtesy of Tali Roth

Florals will always have their place in décor, but Parker notes that this coming year, they're taking a specific shape. "This popular print is getting a revival and a bit of an update," he explains. "Forget low-energy patterns, and think botanical references in high-contrast colors such as black and white or teal and gold and oversize blooms."

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Concrete Accents

Home Trends 2018 — Concrete Accents
Courtesy of Robson Rak

We're already seeing concrete becoming a popular choice for sinks and vanities, but the Houzz editor suggests the raw material will take even more precedence in our lives. "Concrete has always been a popular material choice, but don't be surprised to see it in more unexpected ways, such as in furniture, decorative accessories, wallcoverings, countertops, and tile," he says. A concrete wall finish is a great way to warm up an otherwise blank space and feels more elevated than regular paint.

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Calm, Modern Bedrooms

Home Trends 2018 — Calm Modern Bedrooms
Courtesy of Robson Rak

"You can't decorate your way to a good night's sleep," states Parker. "In other words, if you're looking for a calm, relaxing bedroom—ideal for a restful night—you don't want the space dripping with ornate décor, busy patterns, or eye-opening color. Instead, a pared-down look verging on minimalistic that incorporates soothing neutrals, soft fabrics, and simple, functional pieces is the direction homeowners are heading."

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Next up: Wabi-sabi will be the number one décor trend of 2018. Do you agree?

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