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trends that stand the test of time

15 Home Trends That Continue to Stand the Test of Time

As the saying goes, trends come and go—mostly. Some trends are lasting or even timeless: Year after year, decade after decade, certain trends remain popular and applicable. (Some have even evolved to reach iconic status.) No matter your preferred décor style or aesthetic, there’s a timeless trend to suit your space.

We turned to 15 experts in the design space to identify key trends that have risen above shifts in taste. Read on to find out which trends truly have stood the test of time.

1. Thoughtful Paneling

Bathroom with green paneling

Design: Ashley Montgomery Design; Photography: Lauren Miller

“Beautiful millwork will always stand the test of time and come back time and time again. Everything from chair rail to board and batten to moldings ... these carefully thought-out details are what make the design. It’s what takes a room from flat to interesting and special. The types of millwork may come and go with trends, but we will see it used forever.” —Nicole Salceda, interior designer and founder of Eye for Pretty

2. Meaningful Keepsakes

Heirloom clock from CW Interiors

Grace Laird / Courtesy of CW Interiors

“Timeless trends connect with people on an emotional level. That’s why keepsakes and vintage or antique items woven into any design are always a great way to define the individuality of its inhabitants: Grandmother’s mantel clock, the rug from Grandpa’s shop, Dad’s yellowed college textbooks, Mom’s dishes. As humans we need personal connection, and as long as that need is met, our minds are stimulated and responsive, thus stimulating a mirthful sense of appreciation.” —Caron Woolsey, founder and principal designer of CW Interiors

3. Plants

Jungalow Casita room with plants, white walls, and bold sofa


“Incorporating plants into home décor is a timeless trend. Because they are not simply objects, but living beings that help connect us to nature and clean the air, I believe that having plants in the home is akin to having pets—and will continue to bring joy and calm into people’s homes for the foreseeable future.” —Justina Blakeney, designer, author, and founder of Jungalow

4. Blending Textures

White living room with layered rugs and blended textures

Jenn Pablo Studio

“Blending textures is a trend that I believe will stand the test of time. Combining a variety of textures makes for an interesting multidimensional design. Whether it’s rattan, cane, velvet, or boucle, the actual materials may go in and out of style, but the act of balancing a variety of textures will not.” —McCall Dulkys, interior stylist and founder of Interiors by McCall

5. Natural Stone

Indoor outdoor kitchen with quality stone countertops and backsplash by Raili Clasen

Karyn Millet / Courtesy of Raili Clasen

“Natural stone! A lot of the time, our clients are hesitant to use white marble in a kitchen, but I always remind them that in Europe, those slabs have been there for hundreds of years and only get better with age.” —Raili Clasen, interior designer

6. Painted Kitchen Islands

Kitchen with navy island

Britt Design Studio

“Painting your island a contrasting color is a timeless trend in our book. While the ‘in’ colors change with the seasons, using color to set off your kitchen island is a trend that has proven to be totally resilient. We love that a contrasting island can add depth to a clean and serene kitchen design, without becoming an unnecessary distraction.” —Phoebe Schuh, founder and creative director of PS & Daughters

7. Wallpaper

A home office with walls covered in vibrant wallpaper

Katherine Carter

“Wallpaper [is] a huge trend that has fluctuated back and forth throughout the years and has come back in a big way. When you talk to an older generation, they either love or hate wallpaper, and it tends to bring back a certain vision or feel for them. But the younger generations didn’t really grow up with wallpaper in their homes. It was really a specific time, place, style kind of thing. However, I think that wallpaper has had a major comeback and is here to stay. I think the main difference is that the price point has changed, and the application. You can now go on Etsy, buy wallpaper, and install it yourself. Before vinyl came along, that wasn’t an option. Wallpaper was reserved for high-end homes using designers, but now wallpaper is for everyone! To me, this is a trend that has lasted and will continue to stand the test of time.” —Shaolin Low, interior designer, home stager, and founder of Studio Shaolin

8. Open Floor Plans

Open concept floor plan in The Wing San Francisco

Courtesy of The Wing

“Open floor plans, while very on trend, are also very conducive to building community (or in this case, family). Open floor plans allow for a thought-through balance of functionality and comfort, never compromising one for the other. While this is apparent in The Wing, in the home, one family member can be cooking, another working at a tabletop, and another lounging in a comfortable soft seated moment—allowing for families to spend quality time together and be engaged with one another.” —Laetitia Gorra, head of interiors at The Wing

9. Gallery Walls

Home with gallery wall by Shawna Underwood

Shawna Underwood

“I believe gallery walls are timeless because they can be easily incorporated into any space. They can be formal or casual, symmetrical or organic, working with almost any design concept and budget. Gallery walls tend to be personal for clients. Clients often have a collection of art or family photographs that they want to display but do not know how to incorporate them into their space. I like to incorporate gallery walls to make a big impact in a space that is often forgotten or to create a focal point. Gallery walls are great for stairwells or hallways to take advantage of tall ceiling heights or a long span of wall space.” —Shawna Underwood, licensed interior designer, NCIDQ, LEED AP, founder of Shawna Underwood Interior Design

10. Midcentury Modern Furniture

Living room with midcentury modern furniture

Reena Sotropa

“A home and design trend that has stood the test of time is iconic midcentury modern furniture and its prominent influence on current furniture and accessories. To this day, you get instant design credit if you place a classic Eames Chair or Saarinen table in a space. And, midcentury details such as the use of walnut wood, tapered legs, and colors like deep orange, ochre, and teal are still popular.” —Kelley Carter, home fashion director at Bloomingdale’s

11. Vintage Details

Vintage chair vignette by Morse Design

Tara Carter / Courtesy of Morse Design

“Trends come and go, but the use of vintage pieces is a trend that always seems to stand the test of time, and remains my favorite year after year. Vintage pieces tend to be well-made, have a patina that adds to the look, and are available immediately (which is a big bonus in today’s world of backorders and shipment delays). They add so much personality and warmth to a space and often require minimal work. You can use art, mirrors, furniture, or even convert pieces for new purposes, like transforming a cabinet or dresser into a vanity. No matter what you find, it never really goes out of style.” —Andi Morse, founder and principal designer of Morse Design

12. White Kitchens

White kitchen with light flooring

Michelle Berwick Design

“In general, white kitchens will never go out of style. Never ever. Specifically, white cabinetry paired with white subway tile backsplashes—timeless foundational elements that accommodate a variety of countertop preferences and ever-shifting trends in metal accent finishes.” —Lauren Wall, cofounder and head of creative and marketing at Principle Faucets

13. Rattan

Rattan chairs in kitchen by Emily Vaca

Emily Vaca

“Whether we call it wicker, rattan, or cane, rattan furniture and décor is a timeless staple because the natural materials and tones bring warmth to any space. With the modern silhouettes featured in today’s rattan collections, you can introduce rattan into your space through truly elevated pieces that take center stage, as hints of warmth that complement high contrast rooms, or playful pieces with a lot of personality—rather than having to bust out your old Papasan chair.” —Emily Vaca, founder and CEO of La Vaca and creator of MINNIDIP

14. Real Woods

Home with wood floors

Marc Bacher

“Humans have been using wood in our homes throughout history. We love it for its innate connection to nature; it’s a feeling that transcends trends and can’t be replicated by manmade materials.” —Marc Bacher, founder of Stuga

15. Thoughtful Application

Gorgeous office with dark wood ceiling by Gail Davis Designs

Photo: Lisa Russman / Gail Davis Designs

“My feeling is that almost any ‘trend’ is worth preserving when thoughtfully executed. Marble, brass fixtures, Serge Moille light fixtures, wallpaper—all of it has a place in history, and when combined with other elements to create a space that feels collected, as though it’s been pulled together and added to over time, the result is very special.” —Killy Scheer, interior designer and founder of Scheer & Co.