This New App Is Basically Uber for Interior Decorating


Alyssa Rosenheck Design: Nomad Collective

Interior design is one of those art forms that seems simple from the outside looking in but is much more challenging in reality. Here to help you make your “dream home” Pinterest board a reality is the Homee app. Positioning itself as being “easier than IKEA,” the app essentially matches you with an interior designer like Uber matches you with a nearby driver—could it get any easier?

After finding a designer who fits your needs and tastes, you can chat with your designer in-app, where you two will lay the groundwork in terms of expectations; whether you just need a few decorative items or you’re revamping your entire space, Homee can help. Next, you move into the “design” part of the app—one of the most impressive features. Together with your designer, you can create a Polyvore-esque mood board for each room you plan on decorating. Through the mutual exchange of ideas, inspirational photos, and specific products, you can create the home of your dreams at a comfortable price point.

Phase three is the “shop” phase, where you actually pick out your desired items and put them into an online shopping cart. According to customer testimonials, your designer will help you find items at cheaper price points, whittling down your total to a number you’re comfortable spending. One of the best perks? Free shipping on all items ordered through the Homee app, plus free returns should your dream home fail to manifest itself.

Would you try the Homee app out for yourself? Give it a test run, and share your review in the comments below.