I Never Pay Full Price When Shopping Online—Here’s How

Coupons (or, for the digital age, coupon codes) are great in theory, but in reality, they can be a pain to use. From trawling through forums to testing out codes that have often expired, I’d usually rather pay full price for an item than waste 15 minutes in the process. So, when my colleague from Who What Wear started raving about an app that cuts out the frustration and almost always finds a discount on leading websites, it piqued my interest.

The app is called Honey, and it’s my newfound secret to never paying full price for anything when shopping online. The concept is simple: Once you’ve installed the app or downloaded the Google Chrome extension, Honey will automatically search the web for discount codes. When you reach the checkout, a pop-up will prompt you to try the codes—in some cases, there were up to 40 for a popular website—and it’ll quickly rifle through the options to find the best match. That’s it. You click one button, and it does the rest. Here’s how I saved over $500 on home décor using the game-changing app. After reading this, you’ll never have to pay full price again.