13 Scrumptious Recipes That Incorporate Honey

I recently attended a small celebration at the W San Francisco hotel in honor of its LEED platinum certification. While at the party, I chatted with beekeeper Roger Garrison, who is in charge of the 10 beehives housed on the roof of the 32-story hotel. Garrison oversees the 600,000 bees who produce 400 to 600 pounds of honey per year. The hotel uses the honey in everything from the small jars that are served alongside a room-service tea order to the blue cheese and roasted grape crostini that’s an appetizer at the hotel’s restaurant, Trace.

One of the things I learned from my fascinating conversation with Garrison is that local honey is a natural allergy repellent. Thus, if you eat honey produced by local bees, you’ll be less likely to have bad allergies. Garrison sent me home with a jar of the W’s honey, and since then, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with cooking with honey. The natural sweetener is delicious in so many different preparations. To encourage you to fight off allergy season and expand your honey horizons, here are 13 scrumptious uses for honey.

What is your favorite honey dish?