This Honey Cocktail Recipe Is Too Simple


Courtesy of The Kitchy Kitchen

The Kitchy Kitchen is the brainchild of food enthusiast and self-taught chef Claire Thomas. Thomas has amassed fame in the culinary world, as host of Food for Thought With Claire Thomas on ABC and author of The Kitchy Kitchen: New Classics for Living Deliciously. Here, Thomas will be providing original recipes every month for MyDomaine readers to experience their own Kitchy Kitchen at home.

I stumbled across this honey cocktail recipe for the Bee Sting in one of my favorite vintage cookbooks, The Gold Cookbook by Louis P. De Gouy. This drink is considered a batida, a Brazilian cocktail consisting of fruit juice, cachaça, and sweetener. I love that it’s made with three ingredients, and I love that it tastes like adult lemonade. It’s perfectly simple and so refreshing. Learn how to make the Bee Sting in four simple steps. Bottoms up!

What are your favorite no-hassle cocktails?