This Couple Turned Their Honeymoon Into a 5-Year Globe-Trotting Adventure

Updated 09/18/17

A honeymoon is meant to be a magical time spent disconnecting from the outside world with the love of your life as you celebrate during an utterly romantic escape. Unless you're Mike and Anne Howard. Then you turn your honeymoon into a years-long adventure and document the experience for the world to see. You can delight in every aspect of their expert travels together, from zip-lining in the Dominican Republic to trekking through Antarctica, in their new book Ultimate Journeys for Two, which was released this month, according to The Points Guy.

The not-so-newlyweds have been traveling together since 2012 when they quit their jobs (as a magazine editor and as a digital media strategist/photographer) and got married. Since then, they've made their way to over 50 countries and all seven continents, all the while sharing travel tips learned from their incredible experiences on their blog Honey Trek.

Whether you're planning a honeymoon yourself or thinking about your next getaway, the Howard's have valuable advice for any traveler. They've figured out ways to earn free flights by racking up points and miles (114 free flights to be exact) and the occasional free place to stay. "We're … two Americans that realized life is short, the world is big, and the value of travel too great to wait another day," they write on their blog.

Mike and Anne Howard Ultimate Journeys for Two $20

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