2018 Horoscopes Are Here—This Is What It Means for You

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Updated 09/16/19
Horoscope Predictions
Viviana Duron

No matter what zodiac sign you are, 2018 is going to be a good year. For the next 12 months, the stars are aligned for you to make huge leaps in your career, relationships, and spiritual journey. Every area of your life gets a boost from the planets, so get ready for a year of big accomplishments and major changes.

What to expect from the stars this year? Brace for sweeping changes when a Leo lunar eclipse and an Aquarius solar eclipse shake things up with your long-term vision. Whatever changes is going to be for the best, especially when lucky Jupiter and magical Neptune align in the spring and summer. You can do anything you can imagine, so get to work making your dreams a reality. Even better, a warm, fuzzy Cancer eclipse at midsummer will make you feel loved.

As the summer comes to a close, your relationships will be tested by a passion-planet Mars retrograde and a love-goddess Venus retrograde soon after for a season of relationship transformation. Luckily, Jupiter enters his home sign of Sagittarius in November to lighten the cosmic mood. Sagittarius loves to play, so make sure to schedule plenty of time for fun during the later months of 2018. You deserve to have fun for once.

Horoscope Predictions — Aries
Viviana Duron

Your upcoming year: This winter, a Leo lunar eclipse on January 31 and an Aquarius solar eclipse on February 15 help you decide what legacy you want your work to leave behind. On May 25, Jupiter and Neptune join forces to help you get in touch with your spiritual side, and a magical Cancer solar eclipse on July 12 gives you a fresh emotional slate. You’ll need it when love goddess Venus retrogrades in your relationship zones this fall, from October 5 to November 15. Even if they’re challenging, the connections you make this year are meant to be.

Mark your calendar: May 19. Uranus moves out of your sign and into Taurus that day, which will feel like a huge relief. Having Uranus in Aries since 2011 meant anything in your life that felt like restriction had to go, from confining jobs to partners who wanted to try and tame you. As Uranus moves out of your sign and into Taurus, use the independence you’ve gained to profit. Taurus is your second house of money, so you’ll discover completely new ways to increase your earning capacity.

Power product: A wallet. Commemorate your fresh approach to money with a gorgeous addition to your handbag. For a mystical boost, the color green is believed to attract wealth.

Horoscope Predictions — Taurus
Viviana Duron

Your upcoming year: After the Leo lunar eclipse on January 31 wraps up a few important things behind the scenes, an Aquarius solar eclipse on February 15 kicks your career up a notch. Even better, a sync between Jupiter and Neptune on May 25 shows you how magical your connection to the people you love really is. You’ll need them on your side when Mars retrogrades in your publicity zones from June 26 to August 27. Luckily, Jupiter into your intimate eighth house on November 9 gives you the intuition to know who’s really on your team.

Mark your calendar: May 19. Uranus, the planet of surprises, will enter your sign that day for eight years of sweeping changes. Think of it as an intense rebrand. If parts of your persona no longer fit, now’s the time to ditch them in favor of fresh, new digs. There’s a sort of inner restlessness that comes with this territory, but try to ignore the urge to completely uproot yourself and start from square one. Keep the things that have worked for you and ignore the rest.

Power product: A mixer. With Uranus in your sign, you’ll be blending disparate elements and cooking up a new way to present yourself.

Horoscope Predictions — Gemini
Viviana Duron

Your year ahead: On January 31, a Leo lunar eclipse brings a major accomplishment in writing, speaking, or otherwise telling your story, and the following Aquarius solar eclipse on February 15 helps you spread the word about your achievement. Even better, a midsummer Cancer solar eclipse says whatever you’re working on is going to finally pay off. Things could get weird when Venus retrogrades in your daily work and creativity sectors from October 15 to November 5, but press on. By the time it’s over, you’ll be more efficient than you have been in years.

Mark your calendar: November 9. That day, Jupiter moves into its home sign of Sagittarius, which also happens to be your relationship zone. Get ready, because things could get serious. This is one of the best astrological configurations for finding a soulmate. Whether it’s a romantic interest, business collaborator, or best friend, the partners you find now are good for you, and they’re here to stay.

Power product: A writing desk. You’ll be doing plenty of that this year as you work on ambitious new projects. Don’t forget to send a few thank you notes and love letters too.

Horoscope Predictions — Cancer
Viviana Duron

Your year ahead: For you, 2018 is all about eclipses. A Leo solar eclipse on January 31 kicks things off by delivering a financial reward for a job well done. Not long after, an Aquarius lunar eclipse on February 15 boosts your business intuition. This spring, alignments between Jupiter and Neptune in your fellow water signs on May 25 and August 11 set you on the adventure of a lifetime. Everything intensifies as the North Node moves into your sign on November 17. You keep the experiences you have now and the people you meet in your heart forever.

Mark your calendar: July 12. A solar eclipse in your sign that day marks a profound new beginning for you. Your persona shifts in a huge way, and for the better, as the stars align in a rare and positive Star of David formation. Since this eclipse is exactly opposite potent Pluto in your relationship zone, the energy affects more than just you. The bond you form with your loved ones will be deep.

Power product: A quilt. This year will be warm and fuzzy, and with the perfect rainy-day coverlet, so will you.

Horoscope Predictions — Leo
Viviana Duron

Your year ahead: On February 15, an Aquarius solar eclipse in your relationship zone connects you with someone who totally wins your heart. Things heat up on May 25 and August 11 when lucky Jupiter and magical Neptune sync in the two most intimate houses of your horoscope. It’s tough to tell who’s really feeling what with Mars retrograde in Aquarius from June 26, but everything becomes clear by August 27. Love goddess Venus retrograde in your emotions zone from October 5 to November 15 tests the strength of your bond but brings the two of you closer than ever.

Mark your calendar: January 31 and August 11. The lunar eclipse in your sign on January 31 brings a satisfying personal conclusion, and the corresponding solar eclipse on August 11 helps you use the wisdom you’ve gained to reset your personal brand. In astrology, eclipses represent major turning points and lessons learned, so what started with the major solar eclipse in your sign last August continues to unfold throughout the coming year. You’ll be squarely in the spotlight in 2018, so get ready for your close-up.

Power product: A candle holder. Use it to set a sexy mood or brighten things up in this important year for your relationships.

Horoscope Predictions — Virgo
Viviana Duron

Your year ahead: After the Leo lunar eclipse on January 31 reconnects you to your spiritual side, use the Aquarius solar eclipse in your health and habits sector to infuse a little magic into your daily life. Rebel planet Uranus into sensual Taurus on May 19 reminds you that pleasure can be as important as business, but Mars retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn from June 26 makes it tough to cut loose. On August 27, use Mars’s direct motion to reboot your routine to include more time for fun. The icing on the cosmic cake? Lucky Jupiter in your emotions zone on November 9 puts a huge smile on your face for 13 months to come.

Mark your calendar: May 25 and August 19. On these days, Jupiter in Scorpio syncs up with Neptune in Pisces to connect you with people who really get you. You’re usually shy, but with them, you know it’s safe to open up. Don’t be surprised if hanging out with your new clique makes you feel more creative too. Whether you sing, paint, write, or meditate together, the bond you share supports you throughout 2018.

Power product: Paint. Whether it’s a soothing white or invigorating red, adding color to your space gives you an artistic outlet while upgrading your digs.

Horoscope Predictions — Libra
Viviana Duron

Your year ahead: On January 31, the Leo lunar eclipse puts you in touch with VIPs you’ve been hoping to connect with for a while. Even better, the following Aquarius solar eclipse on February 15 gives you the creative fuel to power through the rest of 2018. When lucky Jupiter and mystical Neptune align in your career sectors on May 25 and August 11, the good career vibes keep rolling. By the time Jupiter lands in your communication zone on November 9, you’ll have plenty of great stories to tell.

Mark your calendar: November 1. Venus retrograde moves into your sign that day after having started in Scorpio on October 5. You and Scorpio are both experts in intimacy, so this is a watershed moment for how you view yourself and your relationships. If you’ve wanted to overhaul your love life for a while, this is the perfect time to plan it out. Just don’t make any moves until Venus is direct again on November 15.

Power product: A backpack. You never know where you might need to go this year, so make sure it’s as appropriate for the cafe as it is for the boardroom.

Horoscope Predictions — Scorpio
Viviana Duron

Your year ahead: Lucky you, Scorpio! In 2018, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will be moving through your sign, giving you cosmic gifts and opening doors you’ve always wanted to enter. It’s one of the best astrological configurations out there, and it only comes around once every 12 years. Even better, it’s bolstered by Neptune in Pisces on in your romance and creativity zone, ensuring that the attractions and inspirations you encounter now blossom into gorgeous connections and opportunities. Their alignments on May 25 and August 11 are some of your best days this year.

Mark your calendar: October 5. Love goddess Venus turns retrograde in your sign that day, and she’ll move backward through both relationship signs (yours and part of Libra) for three weeks. Even wilder, she’ll remain in retrograde nearly throughout your astrological season. Expect the way you relate to your loved ones to be challenged, but only so you can deepen your bonds with the people you care about. Your love takes on a spiritual quality now that isn’t easily explained, but it feels magical. Enjoy it, learn from it, and be happy when Venus resumes her direct motion on November 15.

Power product: A cast-iron skillet. You might feel the heat from all sides at various points during this year, but after this, you’ll be a seasoned pro.

Horoscope Predictions — Sagittarius
Viviana Duron

Your year ahead: With Jupiter (your ruling planet) in Scorpio, you’ll spend the majority of 2018 hanging back and planning for your big moment later in the year. A Leo lunar eclipse on January 31 lays the groundwork for a big accomplishment in August, and the Aquarius solar eclipse on February 15 puts you in touch with the right people to support you along the way. An overwhelmingly positive Cancer solar eclipse on July 12 helps you land a sweet investment, even if Mars retrograde this summer and Venus retrograde this fall put a few minor bumps in the road.

Mark your calendar: November 9. Jupiter enters your sign that day for the next 13 months, rewarding your hard work and sending plenty of VIP connections your way. The only difficulty is that Jupiter in Sagittarius can be too much of a good thing. Counter by hitting the gym, preparing healthy food, and not overdoing it with your celebrations. You’ve earned your time in the limelight, and you deserve to enjoy yourself wisely. We’re all proud of you, Sagittarius.

Power product: Curtains. You’ll want to work behind the scenes until Jupiter hits your sign on November 9, so keep things under wraps with beautiful drapery.

Horoscope Predictions — Capricorn
Viviana Duron

Your year ahead: Your sign’s work ethic is always impeccable, but Saturn (your ruling planet) in your sign for the next two-and-a-half years means you’re going to be in seriously high demand. After the Leo lunar eclipse brings you a private victory on January 31, use the Aquarius solar eclipse as a springboard for your latest professional plan. Jupiter and Neptune in sync on May 25 and August 11 put plenty of simpatico people on your team to help make your dream a reality. By the time Jupiter slips into your behind-the-scenes sector on November 9, you’ll be ready for a well-deserved break.

Mark your calendar: August 27. A tricky Mars retrograde from June 26 to August 27 makes its way from Aquarius, your money zone, into your sign on that day. During this transit, people will try to trip you up, but you’ll be fine as long as you stay alert and don’t engage. If nothing else, it’s a great time to reevaluate how you approach conflicts and to fine-tune your resolution skills. Stay focused, and you’ll emerge from this even better than when you started.

Power product: A filing system. Who says filing can’t be beautiful? As your business and wealth grow this year, you’ll need a stylish way to keep it all organized.

Horoscope Predictions — Aquarius
Viviana Duron

Your year ahead: You have arguably the busiest astrological schedule out of all the signs in 2018, so grab your planner and get ready. The year kicks off with a solar eclipse in your sign on February 15th that reboots your persona as one with more beauty and grace—as if you needed it—and the lunar eclipse in your sign on July 27 pushes the new and improved you into the spotlight. Next, Uranus (your ruling planet) into sensual Taurus on the 19 marks a new era of personal fulfillment for you. Taurus is your emotions zone, so you might feel a little more restless than usual, but it’s a positive shift overall.

Mark your calendar: June 26. Mars turns retrograde in your sign that day, making you the envy of everyone in your orbit. Haters always seem to come out of the woodwork when you’re happy, but your best approach is to ignore them and keep doing what you do best. If you still want to respond, do it after Mars is direct on August 27, because according to astrological tradition, you won’t win battles you start during the retrograde period.

Power product: A bookcase. Use it to display mementos of your most successful moments this year. By the time 2018 is up, it’ll be well-stocked.

Horoscope Predictions — Pisces
Viviana Duron

Your year ahead: On January 31, a Leo lunar eclipse marks an important accomplishment at your day job. It’s boosted by a corresponding Aquarius solar eclipse on February 15 that helps you start a new, healthier era of your life. It might be tough to stay on track when Mars retrogrades through that area of your horoscope from June 26, but once it’s all said and done on August 27, you’ll be much more in tune with what you need to feel good, from food to friendship. Venus retrograde from October 15 to November 5 has a similar effect, helping you reevaluate your romantic relationships for the better. By the time Jupiter lands in your publicity zone on November 9, you’ll finally get the recognition you deserve.

Mark your calendar: May 25 and August 19. On these days, lucky Jupiter in Scorpio lines up with Neptune (your ruling planet) in your sign. The best thing about Jupiter and Neptune is that they’re both excellent for inspiring creative work, so stock up on notebooks, plan a writing retreat, and get down to business. The only difficulty is that they’re both party planets, so you may find it’s hard to self-regulate and meet personal deadlines. For best results, work hard and play hard, too.

Power product: A spice rack. A few anti-inflammatory herbs work wonders for your health this year. Want to be an overachiever? Liven up your kitchen with a fresh herb garden.

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