10 Horror Podcasts Guaranteed to Make You Shiver

Have you ever found yourself in a spooky mood that makes you want to binge-watch Making a Murderer, go see Hereditary, or possibly even just cuddle up with a copy of The Shining? Only you also need to be doing something else with your hands and eyes, whether that's driving, exercising, cooking, cleaning, scrolling through Instagram or swiping on dating apps? If you're like, Oh yeah, all the time, you're in good company. Enter: the horror podcast.

The horror genre in podcast form is the perfect type of entertainment for multitasking true crime and horror enthusiasts. And even if you do have the time to give your full attention to a scary movie, TV show, or book, this alternative medium might be even freakier thanks to its auditory nature. So we sifted through the many options and found the 20 best horror podcasts to listen to with your night light on. Subscribe at your own discretion.