Gather Your Girlfriends, It's Time to Host a Women's Circle

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There is so much hustle (and bustle) in women’s lives today. From careers to a family to personal health and well-being, it can feel challenging to get the deeply desired and necessary female bonding time that uplifts our spirits. Taking the lead and hosting a women’s circle in your home is one of the best gifts you can give to your soul and to your friends. Being able to sit in a space together with no distractions and create conscious connections by being vulnerable, open, and intentional, sets each of you up on a new path filled with joy, hope, gratitude, and happiness. Sometimes all we need is to feel like we’ve been seen (and we’ve been heard), and who better than your fellow sisters to remind you of how lucky you are? Our hearts and our spirits crave this type of depth. When you come together as a group of women, you let your guard down, express your heart’s deepest needs and dreams, and feel the support of your tribe’s strength behind you. And while you’re at it, why not do it with class and style to give that inner party-planner in you a chance to share her gifts, too?

What Is A Women's Circle?

A women's circle is a gathering of women for women. They are spaces open to women of all ages, usually taking place during a new moon or full moon.

Sometimes the event-planning process can be stressful or intimidating, but it’s important that you leave that energy elsewhere and don’t bring it into the event. Remember that you set the tone for the evening, and if your guests see you in a frantic state, they won’t feel comfortable or welcome. Once guests arrive, take a deep breath, and let go of anything that’s stressing you out. Remember what this occasion is for—empowering and enjoying each other. Celebrate that intention by making sure there are plenty of areas for people to eat, drink, and mingle. Encourage people to take off their shoes, relax, enjoy, and interact with each other. No matter what you do or how much stress you carry in your life, who couldn’t benefit from a peaceful, magical event with friends? Ready to bring you and your female friends together for an empowering evening? Here's how to do it.

Set the Date

Try to plan your soulful gathering on a special day in the lunar calendar. Every month, we have at least two special times where positive energy is already happening and creating magic. When you are deciding what day to get your gals together, see if it can coincide with a full moon, a new moon, a solstice or some other energetically charged day. This will give you a connection to the shifts and magic that are already happening without trying too much. Note: New moons are for what you want to bring into your life, while full moons are for releasing and letting go.

Invite Your Guests

Make sure that your invitations include information that clearly states what the guests should expect. If your invitation indicates that your event will start at 7 p.m. wait until 7:30 or 7:45 p.m. to start any group activities or meditation. Give your guests a moment to get used to the space, meet some of the other attendees, and get comfortable with their surroundings. You might want to note on the invite that the meditation will begin promptly at 7:45 p.m. If people aren’t aware that there is a group activity, they might wander in after it’s already started.

Create the Menu

The perfect cocktail for this type of event is a kombucha cocktail. Healthy and refreshing, kombucha aids with digestion, speeds up metabolism, and improves flexibility. Since your guests have just cleansed their souls, why not serve a drink that cleanses their bodies? You can also pre-batch pitchers of sangria with kombucha as the base.

For the food, be sure to offer some light options when guests arrive—you don’t want them to feel heavy or too full before you start your meditation. Different types of sparkling water, flat water with garnishes, and some healthy, fresh bites are always best.

Caprese salad skewers and curried chicken on a pita chip are two great options.

Afterward, go for comfort food. It will be unexpected, but it’ll be a big hit. Let your guests indulge a bit with warm, yummy, and crowd-pleasing items. Everyone loves a mac ’n’ cheese bar with assorted toppings or a pasta bar with a variety of sauces. Offer mini cookies with shots of cold milk, or offer sesame noodles, springs rolls, and sushi rolls to continue the Eastern theme. Green tea ice cream finishes it off perfectly.

Pick a Color Scheme

Keep your color scheme cool and simple, and add natural accents to create a zen feeling. Wooden serving platters and wicker baskets are a great way to incorporate your natural theme into your presentation. Use natural stones and bamboo as accents. And don’t forget candles—lots of candles.

Set the Tone

Since the event is all about connecting and energy, one of the most important elements will be creating a comfortable and welcoming space for your guests. One way to accomplish that is to encourage a casual, comfortable dress code. Encourage your friends to come in breathable, lightweight, and airy clothes that make them feel at ease. Tight clothes can make people feel closed off, and it will make it harder for them to relax.

Another element to consider is seating. If you don’t have enough chairs or couches, set out some poufs or ottomans for your guests. When people have a place to sit, it encourages conversation and engagement, and it helps them feel like they are part of the experience.

Create the Vibe

Cleanse your space, and keep it open and ready for the evening by smudging before the guests arrive. This will clean out any stagnant or heavy energy. Then use incense or palo santo to set a prayer, blessing, or intention for a soulful gathering. Light a few candles throughout your place to keep the energy moving and the fire of creativity and releasing going during the evening. Have some easy meditation or super-mellow music playing for when your guests arrive, and download a meditation prior to the event to play when you’re ready.

Give Meaningful Gifts

I love to get some cute blank papers, pens, and a small crystal for everyone that is ready to go before their arrival. You can even type a few words at the top to tell them what it’s for (e.g., “My Full Moon Release List: My intention is to release the following…”) The crystals will give everyone a little piece of magic to take home from the evening. Depending on the night you’re intending, you can either get a different crystal for each person (trust your intuition!) or the same one for the whole group. I love rose quartz, aventurine, amethyst, and labradorite for these special events.

Host the Event

Once everyone comes in and is settled, have them find a seat in a circle. Welcome them, share the intention for the evening, and play an easy five-minute meditation. Ask them to each go around and share how they’re feeling, why they wanted to come, and what they intend or desire from the evening. Then share what the day you selected for this event represents and what you are going to create together.

Invite each person to hold their crystal, and explain its meaning and why you chose it. Then play another meditation, or lead your own meditation to help open the group to see and connect to what they’re going to bring in or release with your ritual and ceremony together. Have them write out their list, and together, place your papers together in the center of the circle, and you can hold hands or put your hands in prayer (or in a meditative position), and send energy, love, prayers, and blessings to all the elements in your writings. End the prayer with a blessing of gratitude and thanks, and ask the universe to help seal these prayers, to uplift each of you and your intentions, and together close with the words, “and so it is” to end the work.


After you’ve created your ceremony, enjoy, connect, and feel the union of sisterhood and friendship with bites, drinks, and merriment.

How do you and your tribe uplift and empower each other?

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