The 10 Most Stylish Hostels in Europe for Under $90 a Night

Hostels often get a bad rap, but gone are the days when this type of accommodation meant rickety bunks, bedbugs, and gap year travelers. As the travel market has grown, so too have the number of stylish, well-designed offerings, proving that quality accommodation shouldn't have to come at a price. The benefits of staying at a hostel extend well beyond the savings, though.

Hostels tend to have great common areas, making them the perfect place to meet other travelers abroad. They're also usually staffed with locals or expats who now call the area home, so you're likely to hear about under-the-radar bars and attractions that a hotel concierge wouldn't be privy to. If we haven't convinced you, these images of the most stylish hostels in Europe will. You can quit saving—these chic digs make travel more affordable than ever.