Mulled Wine, Spiked Cider, Hot Toddies, Oh My—Hot Cocktails to Warm You Up

There's nothing like a hot cocktail to warm up after a long day—it's basically "hygge," the Danish word for cozy, in a cup. They're also the perfect way to celebrate the start of fall, a season that calls for more time spent indoors, whether on quiet evenings with loved ones or hosting and attending more cocktail parties.

To help spread the cheerful autumn spirit (you'll also definitely want to keep these recipes around when we're knee-deep in winter), we found nine delicious hot cocktails to make at home. Some are light, easy, and healthy, while others are decadence incarnate. Each recipe is also delicious when made the virgin way if you feel like sipping on something warm but want to forgo the boozy element. So without further ado, take a look at these yummy hot cocktail recipes below and start brewing your own heavenly elixirs for fall.