Why It Might Be Perfectly Okay to Be a Hot Mess

It turns out that not having your act together, always running late, and having a sense of style people refer to as "eclectic" might not be as bad as you think. Being a "hot mess" could just mean you’re an incredibly creative person. According to a new study released by Scientific American and featured on Inc., the qualities that are normally described as being a hot mess are the very same mannerisms that can be used to describe creative people. Creativity has always been associated with a certain level of lovable mayhem, and now science proves that highly creative people’s personalities are different from everyone else’s personalities.

Research shows that creative people are extremely open to new experiences and and are more flexible, as this allows them to be curious and find necessary inspiration to create things. Creative people are also usually black sheep who are nonconformist, unpredictable, contrary, or impulsive, all traits normally linked to hot messes. Since the creative process often involves a million moving parts, creative people can seemingly be surrounded by chaos, another attribute of hot messes. And yet the creative is able to take all of this in and write a beautiful song or paint a stunning abstract, thus illustrating that the hot mess is perhaps not so messy after all. Awesome, right? 

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