For Real: These Insanely Stunning Hot Springs Are Not Photoshopped

There's nothing like a stunning natural wonder to make us appreciate the wide world we live in, and right now, we're dreaming about hot springs around the people. So we've rounded up a collection of natural hot springs so majestic you won't believe your eyes. On average, these healing waters stay around 104 degrees year-round. Getting a deep-tissue massage by one of these waterfalls is better than that from any city spa, and, needless to say, the views are far more breathtaking than those from the average man-made jacuzzi.  

And though summer is almost over (sorry to be the bearer of bad news), that doesn't mean you need to close your travel list. In fact, most of these natural hot springs are open for visitors year-round, and they're even more sublime in the cooler months. So start dreaming. It's time to add some hot springs to your bucket list. Even better, we rounded up our favorite bikinis and one-pieces to wear at each destination so you can jump into the hot springs in style—except not the ones that are dangerously hot. You'll have to show off the new swimwear elsewhere, in that case. Ready, set, let's go hot-tubbing around the world.