For Real: These Insanely Stunning Hot Springs Are Not Photoshopped

Updated 05/06/19

There's nothing like a stunning natural wonder to make us appreciate the wide world we live in, and right now, we're dreaming about hot springs around the people. So we've rounded up a collection of natural hot springs so majestic you won't believe your eyes. On average, these healing waters stay around 104 degrees year-round. Getting a deep-tissue massage by one of these waterfalls is better than that from any city spa, and, needless to say, the views are far more breathtaking than those from the average man-made jacuzzi.


And though summer is almost over (sorry to be the bearer of bad news), that doesn't mean you need to close your travel list. In fact, most of these natural hot springs are open for visitors year-round, and they're even more sublime in the cooler months. So start dreaming. It's time to add some hot springs to your bucket list. Even better, we rounded up our favorite bikinis and one-pieces to wear at each destination so you can jump into the hot springs in style—except not the ones that are dangerously hot.

You'll have to show off the new swimwear elsewhere, in that case. Ready, set, let's go hot-tubbing around the world. 

Pamukkale, Turkey

Best Hot Springs: Pamukkale, Turkey
pmustafa/Getty Images

Pamukkale translates to “cotton castle” in Turkish, and this majestic natural bath structure looks nothing less than such. The carbonate minerals deposited by flowing water form terraces of carbonate minerals that create the dreamlike white terraces we see today. This natural wonder needs to be on your travel bucket list. 

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Champagne Pool, New Zealand

Best Hot Springs: Champagne Pool, New Zealand
Noblige/Getty Images

Champagne Pool appears to have a mouth of fire. Its circumference is lined by a thick rust-colored rim, which serves as a perfect contrast for the steaming turquoise water it encircles. Located in New Zealand, this terrestrial hot spring was given the name Champagne Pool because of its dramatic efflux of carbon dioxide, like a glass of bubbling champagne.

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The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Best Hot Springs: The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

When you visit Iceland's Blue Lagoon, it feels like you’ve left Earth and arrived on another planet whose sole purpose is to make you feel like a goddess. The mix of freshwater and seawater in the Blue Lagoon is packed with silica, which helps exfoliate and strengthen your skin and heal inflammation. Microorganisms found in the water stimulate collagen production and help reduce signs of UV damage. And the waterfalls provide therapeutic massages. 

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Best Hot Springs: Bolivia

Visiting the salt flats and hot springs of Bolivia is the ultimate one-two punch of majestic natural beauty. Photographers flock to Uyuni Salt Lake, the largest salt flat in the world, to photograph the surreal landscape. Rumor has it that this landscape is the source of inspiration behind most of Salvador Dalí's work. The lake is located in the Andean Plateau, and you can thank a rich symphony of climates and geo-activity for these stunning saturated lakes and salt flats and hot springs. The nearby Laguna Colorado is home to a colony of flamingos; there they feed on the plankton-rich waters (this is why flamingos are pink, if you've ever wondered).


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Denton Hot Springs, Colorado

Best Hot Springs: Denton Hot Springs, Colorado
Fashion Me Now

Visitors love Dunton Hot Springs. The hot springs have been in use since Joe Roscio arrived with his family in 1880s. His sons charged miners a nickel to use the hot springs back then. Today, Dunton Hot Springs has been revamped into an exclusive resort ranked “The #7 Luxury Hotel in the U.S.” by The New York Times

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Lussier Hot Springs, Canada

Best Hot Springs: Lussier Hot Springs, Canada

Located in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park in British Colombia, Canada, at 3635 above sea level, the Lussier Hot Springs is a majestic place to visit and see year-round. The hottest hot spring can reach up to 109 degrees, and the cool river can be used as a plunge pool for a natural hydrotherapy session. 

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Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

Best Hot Springs: Frenchman's Bend Hot Springs, Idaho
Bon Traveler

Idaho is not without a bounty of incredible hot springs. One standout is Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs, but it's most popular in the late summer and is closed from October through mid-May. So if you want to enjoy relax and sweat out all your toxins in a quaint resort setting during one of those off-months, check out one of the small hotels in Sawtooth National Forest, which is just outside of Stanely, Idaho. 

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Cougar Hot Springs, Oregon


Tucked away under a canopy of trees and overlooking a waterfall, the Cougar Hot Springs in Willamette National Forest in Oregon is the perfect destination for anyone who enjoys getting off the grid for outdoor adventure. There are nearby hiking trails and campsites, and you can also go nude in the soaking pools if you want. 

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The Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Best Hot Springs: The Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park
Bon Traveler

The Grand Prismatic Spring is Yellowstone’s largest hot spring and the third largest in the world. Pigmented bacteria give the spring its perfect rainbow coloration, and the center of the pool is natural blue because it is too hot for any organisms to grow. When visiting this feat of natural beauty, it’s imperative to stop by nearby Excelsior, a 50-foot geyser.

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Toscana, Italy

Best Hot Springs: Saturnia, Toscana, Italy

These aquamarine hot springs are striking from a bird's-eye view, but they offer more than just beauty. The thermal waters offer a ton of health benefits, so while you're not sipping the wine of the region and feasting on spaghetti, you can come bask here. They're located in the tiny town of Saturnia, Tuscany (the population is only 280).

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Travertine Hot Springs, California

Bayern, Germany

The Travertine Hot Springs in Northern California are right on the cusp of Nevada border and just one of many of California's hot springs offerings. It's super secluded, so come here if you want to do your geothermal soaking somewhere more private and quiet. The water usually isn't too hot, either. 

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Brúarfoss, Iceland

Best Hot Springs: Brúarfoss, Iceland
Lauren Stephanie Wells

Iceland really is the mother of phenomenal natural hot springs. Brúarfoss is located in the south of Iceland. Here, natural water flows through the surrounding mountains into a pool nestled in the narrow valley. When you lie on your back in this warm water and look at the green mountains and blue sky that surround you, it’s impossible not to be overwhelmed by nature’s beauty.

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La Gruta Hot Springs, Mexico

Best Hot Springs: La Gruta Hot Springs, Mexico

Today, mineral springs are common throughout Mexico. But the tradition of enjoying nature’s natural springs, balnearios, can be traced back to the 16th-century Aztecs. The La Gruta hot springs in San Miguel de Allende are among the best in Mexico. Soak in these thermal pools and enjoy the soothing and restorative benefits of the mineral-rich water.

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Reykjadalur, Iceland

Best Hot Springs: Myvatn Nature Baths, Iceland

If you couldn't already tell from the fact that it's dominating this travel bucket list, Iceland is rife with hot springs. Reykjadalur is a must-visit—the water is perfection. A short drive away from the capital city of Reykjavík, it's slightly less well known than the Blue Lagoon and a very, very close second. Pack a beer, sit back, relax, and enjoy the vast scenery of green before your eyes. 

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Mammoth Hot Springs, California

Best Hot Springs: Mammoth Hot Springs, California

According to The New York TimesMammoth has “an après ski scene that is cooler than the High Sierras on a starlit night.” One of the most exquisite elements of this mountain scene is the Mammoth Hot Spring. Depending on what time of day and year you visit, the colors will vary on a spectrum of bright purple to orange, white, black, and everything in between. This is truly one of the most epic views out there.

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Wadi Zarqa Ma'in Valley, Jordan

Best Hot Springs: Ma'In Hot Springs, Jordan
Getty Images

The water from these spectacular hot springs travels from Jordan’s Wadi Zarqa Ma'in Valley. It passes through underground lava fissures, which heats the water to anywhere between 104 and 145 degrees. Stand beneath a waterfall for a deep-tissue massage from Mother Earth, and let her skin-healing minerals work their magic.

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This post was originally published on September 18, 2018, and has since been updated.

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