The Dirty Truth About Your Hotel Room

Upon first glance, hotel suites always seem to be the picture of perfection. The plush bed is perfectly made, the bathroom is glistening white, and there's rarely a spec of dust on the freshly cleaned carpets—or at least, that's how it usually appears. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. Thrillist turned to hotel insiders like concierge staff and housekeeping to find out the dirty secrets they'd rather you didn't know. You might want to say at home after reading this…

Those decorative pillows adorning the hotel bed might look gorgeous, but they're a haven for germs, one insider reveals. "Why are throw pillows called 'throw pillows'? Because you throw them. Off the bed. Onto the floor. And they aren't washed in between guests. But they are put back on the bed. On your pillow." 

"The drinking glasses in the rooms are not cleaned with any cleaning products. [They're] just rinsed with water and dried with a towel," an anonymous staffer reveals. "Housekeeping staff want to clean as [many] rooms as they can, so the faster you do it, the better. No time to thoroughly wash these things. Only the shower, bathtub, sink and toilet [are] cleaned with cleaning products."

Securing your room via a booking website might score you the best deal, but you'll be designated the worst suite, a travel agent says. "For many of the hotels I book for my clients, I have been told by resort managers that they assign the lesser quality rooms (the ones with the worst view, the worst location) to guests who book with online search engines while saving the best rooms for clients who book with travel agents," says Katherine S. "The reason is that hotel managers consider online search engines guests to be ones that will book any resort as long as it is cheap while guests of travel agents are more loyal travelers that will come back time and again."

Still planning to check in? You might want to pack this: