3 Eye-Opening Secrets Only Hotel Employees Know

Updated 06/14/17

As with air travel, there's something intriguing about being on the inside of the hotel industry. From the downright absurd after-hours situations you're bound to encounter to the truth about hotel cleanliness (beware, germaphobes), what goes on behind closed doors is nothing short of fascinating (not to mention informative). On that note, Prevention recently spoke to various hotel employees, from maids to concierges, to get the inside scoop on what really happens behind the scenes. Here's what their hotel contacts had to say:  

For Better Rates, Call the Hotel Directly

"Online booking sites are convenient and all, but you stand a better chance at scoring a lower rate if you call the hotel directly. Hotels pay these sites up to a 25% commission, so most are able to offer a cheaper rate if you just ask." —Maggie, a desk clerk in New York

Beware of the Minibar

"Check the expiration dates on the snacks in the minibar. I've discovered snacks plenty of times that were months past their expiry. You'll also want to make sure the seals on the bottles of booze haven't been broken. The stories you've likely heard about people peeing in tequila bottles or filling vodka bottles with water to get out of paying for them aren't urban legends." —Jenna, a hotel maid in New York 

Your Room Isn't as Clean as It Looks

"Here's the thing: Housekeepers have a ton of rooms to clean every day, and have to [hurry] to get them done between check-out and check-in. This usually means that we have to cut corners to keep up with the demand. Sheets get washed daily, but blankets are usually only washed once a week, while the bedspreads barely ever get washed—maybe once a month, longer if there aren't any obvious stains. When you book a room, requesting a full set of clean linens should do the trick." —Jenna, a hotel maid in New York 

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