3 Secrets Hotels Don't Want You to Know

We love getting in on insider intel when we travel, especially when these tips promise to make our vacations more comfortable. From travel must-dos to tech hacks to blogger-endorsed advice, we're all ears for improving our adventuring, whether we're exploring other continents or embarking on a weekend getaway to a neighboring county.

When it comes to hotels, all seasoned travelers have their share of advice for ensuring a more pleasant stay. Rarely do these tips and tidbits come from hotel workers themselves. While we arrive with certain expectations once we book a room for the night, there are many facets of the hotel experience that remain a mystery. In a recent article, Business Insider highlighted a discussion on the web forum Quora wherein hotel insiders spilled their secrets for the hotel-booking public. We've highlighted the most surprising findings below.

The bedding isn't as clean as you would hope. This tidbit might not come as a surprise to many, but hotel bedding will never be as clean as you would like. While you should be able to count on your sheets being freshly washed (though this isn't always guaranteed either), outer layers often don't get cleaned between guests (and don't even think about curling up with those throw pillows).

Avoid using the glasses. Just like the sheets, the glasses provided in your room aren't the cleanest either. A significant portion of the Quora discussion touched on avoiding the glasses if possible, noting them to be the germiest things in the room (though some in the forum argue that TV remotes and laminated channel guides are the real perpetrators).

Housekeepers are paid by the room. Several of the discussion participants spilled that the hotel housekeeping staff is often paid per room they clean. This means that housekeepers are actually incentivized to do less diligent work per room so they can get on to the next (and the more of a mess you leave, the more you'll be cutting into their paycheck). Essentially, this structure encourages everything to be less clean that you'd hope.

Surprised by these insider secrets? Let us know what tips you keep in mind when you travel.